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I've always felt different from others. I have a happy life. Good friends, Good grades.

Jesse Moon

I've always felt different from others.

I have a happy life. Good friends, Good grades.

But I've always felt something inside of me. A darkness. Much to my fathers dismay, I was never a cute, happy child. My mother had a book of Scary stories that i would secretly read.

I couldn't understand most of the words but I liked the pictures.

My father found that book and destroyed it but luckily my friend Chloe had the book so I could read it whenever I went to her house. But anyway, your here to listen to my story aren't you?

The Story of how I, Jesse Moon became a Creepypasta. My day began just like every other day, I was walking to school with my childhood friends Aiden and Chloe.

While we were walking i thought i could see a figure out of the corners of my eyes.

It looked like a person wearing a black hoodie and a mask but whenever i turned to see, the figure would disappear. I thought i was just going crazy but i kept seeing other things too.

A boy with messy black hair grinning at me making me feel uneasy. A small girl covered in blood holding a teddy bear.

I probably have just read too many scary stories and now I'm seeing them everywhere. I decided to put it out of my mind and just get to school before i was late.

When I entered the classroom i noticed something strange, a girl was sitting at my desk. She wore a purple hoodie like me and had her hood up hiding her face.

"Excuse me, but your in my seat", I said to her. "It's my seat too", she replied lifting her hood, letting it fall. Her hair was jet black like mine.

She took something out of her pocket, it was a long silver dagger encrusted with white gems. She stood up and faced me. I gasped.

She looked exactly like me except her eyes were pure white with no pupils and she was covered in blood. "It's time that Maya pays for her crimes, don't you agree?" she asked grinning.

She lunged at me, dagger raised up high. I screamed, trying to fight her off, As she grabbed my throat she whispered "Our master calls out to us, he'll be here soon Jesse".

The last thing I saw before I blacked out was her cold white eyes staring into my own.

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