All Alone
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I'm all alone. My 2 best friends are gone.

All Alone

I'm all alone.

My 2 best friends are gone.

1 disappeared without saying anything

The other murdered everyone at school except for me

I relive that day every night in my dreams

The screams. The pain. The death

She should of killed me too. Death would be better then having to endure this torture everyday.

Death would be better then having to think of the one you love murder that poor girl over and over again.

Death would be better then having to live while my 2 friends are lost and afraid in the world.

I've tried to find them. Over and over again. But they have disappeared. Not even people who witnessed them can remember. Only i can.

I have a child now. I should of stopped trying to find them for her but...

I still love Jesse...

Imagining her in the arms of that no-eyed freak fills me with rage.

I swore that i'd kill him. and i just can't break that promise.

I'm sorry Emily. I know i'm a terrible father but i have to find her. After what happened to you at school today, i know that Cassie is still alive. So maybe Jesse is too...

I don't want anyone to be hurt again by those monsters.....

That's why i promised i would kill every single Creepypasta or whatever they are called.

I won't rest until they are all dead.

Especially Eyeless Jack

He will be the first to die

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