Depressed school diaries
Depressed school diaries depression stories
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mushycorpse Community member
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Every 40 seconds, we lose at least one person to suicide..mental health stigma is a serious ill that needs to be eradicated.This is a short story that tells about the daily ocurrences in a depressed person's life and how she feels when her own friends tell her "It's just in your head"

Depressed school diaries

My life is a friggin mess

so many people i have to impress

they make me hate myself,

put me into distress

Do people have a reason to be mean?

reminding me of things i "could" have been

If i am wrong, give me some time to do it right

but every time i try to get up with all my might,

They pull me down and tell me to smile bright

How can i be smiling? when i am not alright.?

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