Still The Same!
Still The Same!

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munia_rahman_ Simply Simple
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50 years later too everything was same for her. Same as before.

Still The Same!

He came closer to me and held my hands as our favorite movie ended with the couple having a happy ending.

Still his hands felt like new, his touch felt like the first time.

His touch sending shivers through my spine resulting the butterflies in my stomach to be alive again and fly like before.

I still could feel the same love which I felt years ago!

I couldn’t help but smile that nothing changed except for the time.

It was all the same still, the love, the touch, the feelings, all like the very first time.

I couldn’t be more happier thinking that though fifty years passed, but everything was still same, everything was new, like the first time, even his touch.

Nothing changed at all, everything was still the same.

The End.

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