Love In Rain
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Rain...the thing Naira loved the most. Rain, the only thing that helps to increase your happiness and cover up your pain. It is great isn't it. And that's why Naira loved it. And that's how God helped to break the silence and maybe also to bring them close.


Love In Rain

We can see a couple in a white car. The boy was driving and the girl was sitting in the passenger sit. By the looks on their faces it could be said that both were sad.

No talks, no exchange of looks, no mischief nothing was happening in between this couple. They were doing nothing like the typical couples.

One was driving and the other was lost in her own world. The couple is none other than KaIra. Kartik and Naira got married just two days back.

It was a arranged marriage, no, sorry, a forced arranged marriage.

Neither Kartik nor Naira wanted to marry at that moment. Not because of any school-college enmity or anger against each other.

It's because they had a rough past which made them serious to fulfill their aim and make a better future to show people their ability.

But alas! There family couldn't understand their feelings and emotions and forced them to marry. Having no other way the two of them had to get married against their wish.

What an amazing life they had! They couldn't even have any decision of their life on their own!

Today was their grand-reception.

It got over a few minutes back and by being forced by their family the couple had to go out for a long drive against their wish! Wow! What a life they got!

They can't even choose what they want to do with their partner!

Last day after being insisted by his friends when he wanted to take Naira along with him, his grandmother stopped him and told to go alone.

Everything had to be done as their family wishes and when they wish or give permission.

Who knows maybe in future they will need to kiss or hug each other by taking their family members permission!

Although now its been a more than a month since Kartik and Naira met but they still didn't talk a much with each other. "Hi!" "Hello" "How are you?" "I am fine." "Did you eat?" "Yeah I ate.

" "Goodnight" and "Good Morning" are the only things they said to each other in these one month. They knew that none of them where at fault but still had a small grudge against each other.

So most of the time when they used to be together they would remain silent. And their silence meant nothing.

Silent...umm...trying to remember something...but what?....silent drive, right their Silent drive. The drive was too much silent.

People don't maintain this much silence while watching horror movies also. This silence was unbearable even by God, maybe that's why He helped to break the silence.

Rain...the thing Naira loved the most. Rain, the only thing that helps to increase your happiness and cover up your pain. It is great isn't it. And that's why Naira loved it.

And that's how God helped to break the silence and maybe also to bring them close.

"OMG! Kartik stop the car," she said excitedly as soon as the rain started while he stopped the car with a jerk. Her face showing happiness and his showing worry.

"What happened Naira? Everything okay?" He asked worried. "Of course..." before she could say anything else he stopped her. "Why did you ask to stop the car then?" He asked.

"Cause it's raining and I want to enjoy the rain," she said and opened the door of the car. " No, you won't go out in the rain. You'll catch cold then," he said.

But it was too late she was already outside enjoying the rain. He opened the window and tried to call her inside but she didn't give a him damn.

Seeing no other way he went out to stop her but in fact the time stopped. Well at least for him it did.

She was looking so beautiful that he couldn't stop himself from looking at her, he even forgot to blink.

She always behaved like a Tigress but there is a child inside her also which came out at that time. And which he was loving to see.

Naira jumping like a kid in the rain looking so beautiful that he felt she wasn't a human, maybe she was a fairy from another world.

Don't know when but he slowly started to take steps towards her.

When he got near her he held her by hands and pulled her towards him. Startled by his action she looked towards him and he was already looking there.

They eyes met and they felt thousands, no, millions of butterflies moving here and there in their stomach, they felt as if electricity was passing through them,

the feeling was completely new to them yet the best feeling they ever had.

The couple was just looking in each other's eye and the rain pouring made the situation more romantic.

Just looking into each others eye, no exchange of words and just silence like always but still this silence was different too. Because this time the silence was speaking too.

They were still looking in each other's eye when suddenly it thundered . And due to it Naira got scared and hugged Kartik. Kartik too hugged her back.

Still they could feel the butterflies in their stomach and electricity passing through them. What an amazing feeling it was! Well at least for them it was the most amazing feeling.

They were in their own world feeling something new for each other.

But some stupid person had to call at that time only to destroy this beautiful moment for them and also to destroy the beautiful feelings they were having.

Due the call they had to come back from their own world.

In that world they were feeling something new, maybe love for each other but in this world they were feeling embarrassed remembering what happened some moment back.

Kartik went to attend the call while Naira was standing in that position only remembering what happened some while ago.

She was thinking about the feelings which she, a new feelings for him, which wasn't grudge or anger, it was something beautiful. That feeling she could never forget it.

Same was with Kartik while talking he was thinking about that feelings only.

After finishing the call Kartik took Naira to their car and handed her a small towel to dry her and took one himself. The whole drive was silent as they were thinking about their feeling.

But this time this silence meant a lot don't know why, but it did.

Maybe it was the beginning of something new .


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