the paradox of society
the paradox of society theysay stories

mui hi i'm ploy! i like poems and stories :)
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society expects too much of us. they want one thing, then they want another. they say do this, but they mean do that. are we ever good enough?

the paradox of society

paradox of hearts.

paradox of minds.

twisted maze of souls.

twisted maze of eyes.

they say,

tell me what you want.

tell me all you have to say.

tell me all your secrets,

can't promise it'll stay that way.

pay me your respect.

pay me all your time.

pay me your attention,

and pay in golden dimes.

breathe in through your nose,

air into your lungs.

breathe down to your toes,

finish what you've begun.

you need to forget,

no, you need to forgive.

so you will not regret,

doing what he did.

ask me all your questions,

but don't tell me your wonders.

give me your expressions,

show me all but anger.

don't expect too much,

don't expect too little.

have a little faith,

don't be so hard and brittle.

kill none but yourself,

no, kill the mockingbird.

kill time on the shelf,

kill time in the world.

matrix of reactions,

matrix of demands.

hurt me with inaction,

and hurt me with your hands.

be my ride or die

say you'll be my friend

but i hope you don't mind

when i betray you in the end.

never you mind.

i'm just wasting your time.

because i smile too often it's fake,

because i speak too little and too much,

because i don't have the right words to say,

and i'm never good enough.

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