A Tale Against The Dark (Chapter 1)
A Tale Against The Dark (Chapter 1) fantasy stories

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Beginnings. They happen to all of us, some even come unexpected. Wether it's forced or not, new beginnings will lead us to new opportunities. Will Micu learn that?

A Tale Against The Dark (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: A Beginning (Please read the prologue if you haven't)

Micu quietly stayed in his seat in class as he felt impatient, waiting for the bell to ring. Only a few minutes left and class will be dismissed for the day.

Finally, the sound of the ringing bell echoed all around the school. Micu quickly got up.

"Well, that's enough terrible hell for one day" He said as he picked up his items and rushed to get out.

Just as he was about to leave, a classmate of his stood right in front of the door, blocking the exit.

Micu gave the girl who was covering his path a glare."You know, I won't hesitate to hit anyone" He threatened, giving the girl a serious look.

The girl rolled her eyes, ignoring the threat as if it was nothing.

"You know, I'm the class president and I was forced to team up with you for the class project. So.YOU. BETTER. DO. YOUR.PART" She snarled at him.

Everyone in the classroom began to watch, giving them stares of shock while some began to murmur.

"Look, I know everyone's afraid of you but, I'm not. You're just a pathetic loner boy" She smirked as if she knew she was right.

Micu rolled his eyes and started to get annoyed by everyone's stares. He clutches a fist but, he gave out a sigh and relaxed his hand.

"Fine, meet me at my place tomorrow. Let's do it together" Micu groaned, looking at the girl, annoyed.

"Great."She said in a sarcastic tone and walked away with her chin up and eyes closed as if she was a famous star.

Everyone in the room started to whisper as if bees filled the room. Some even praised the girl for standing up to Micu.

"I don't have enough energy to deal with this BS"Micu muttered to himself and walked off.

Micu exits the school, along with other students that are in groups. Micu looked up into the sky as its golden rays hit the surface of the earth.

A gentle breeze hit his skin, it was a calming afternoon.

"Huh?"Micu stopped as he noticed a strong ray of light that was coming from a dark alleyway.

Micu felt an uneasy and undescribable feeling in his stomach. Yet, his curiosity grows a little bit more.

"Am I high? But I didn't take any.." He paused as he moved a few steps closer to the mysterious light source.

He approached a dumpster which seems to be where the light was coming from.

"Am I seriously going to pick up trash from a dumpster? Out of all places? Can't it be in a more creative place?"Micu groaned.

But, his curiosity grew stronger than the rotting smell that is in the air. He held the dumpster's cover and took a deep breath. After counting from 1 to 3, he opens the dumpster.

He finds a mysterious spherical stone with a lightning symbol carved into it along with light emitting around it.

Micu raised a brow at the mysterious stone. But, something about it felt, comforting. He felt like his stress began to ease. His body felt soft and calm which he hasn't felt in a long time.

It was a familiar feeling.

"I should get going."Micu muttered to himself. He held the mysterious stone and quickly putting it in his bag. He looked around for any sign of anyone watching and rushed home.

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