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muffinhead You can call me bad/bbh
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tw: talks a little about drowning


From @gachauwu y u gae muffinhead? Because girls are pretty, (its just my preference you can have a different preference)

From @i_love_you_so (each one will be on individual slides)

question #1 How far have you've come since the day you joined Commaful? Whether it be attitude, writing skills, etc. I think I've come a long way from when I first started, like when I originally joined, I planned on only attracting one kind of audience, but now I'm trying to make content everyone will like

question #2 How many people have you had to block? If you will, please explain the reasons for the course of action. If you haven't blocked anyone, what are the sure causes that would drive you to do so? I so far haven't blocked anyone, and the causes that would make me block someone is being extremely rude/perverted

question #3 How do you deal with stress or anxiety? And if you have any advice for stress or anxiety, please tell. I usually just bite my fingernails, and the most advice I can give is to not be afraid to ask for help when it piles too much

question #4 What's unconventionally charming to you? I'm not exactly sure what this means but I hope you just mean very charming... Anything shiny or anything food related

question #5 Is there anything that you fantasize about? I sometimes fantasize that my best friend actually likes me, as more than friends

question #6 Have you had any near-death experiences? If you will, please explain the circumstances. If you haven't been close to death, please tell something that scares you to death. I once nearly drowned at the beach, I don't know how to swim and a wave knocked me over

question #7 Do you believe that you will leave Commaful one day? If so, what will be the main reason? The community becoming too toxic, or I just forget my username/password again when commaful happens to log me out for no reason

question #8 What's the most enchanting aspect of your life? My entire family's humor, its twisted and nowhere near for the light hearted, but its too funny

question #9 What's the most significant feat of strength you ever performed, physically or mentally? Somehow managing how to not go to 0 on a math ixl I had done for 2+ hours

question #10 What's your most significant labor of love? I'm guessing this means what signifies I like someone... Me sharing my food

question #11 What was the biggest bullet you have ever dodged? I once heard my mom say to cook a pop tart in the microwave for 2 minutes 10 seconds... She meant hot pocket and I nearly started a fire... I wasn't allowed to use the microwave for 2 weeks after that

question #12 When were you the proudest of yourself and why? I was proudest when I turned in something on time for school because everything was usually late

question #13 What was the biggest disappointment in your life? When none of my friends from elementary school didn't talk to me for months, neither of them...

question #14 What's your favorite memory and why? My favorite memory was when my mom made gravy on bread for the family the first time, I was a baby and hadn't figured out I had eaten all of my food, and my brother had just gotten his... the look on his face when I started using my fork as a pitchfork because I thought he stole my food... I was in a high chair

question #15 What's the best compliment you ever received? When some of my friends complimented my singing voice, To @ranboo and @wiltedrose my voice isn't that good TwT

question #16 What was the thing/event that made you the happiest in your life? When my best friend invited me over to their home after 2 months of not talking

From @wiltedrose Its on individual slides

Who or what made you join commaful? The community brought me here because I thought everyone here would be nice! And maybe because I'm not allowed to have any social media sites. Okay maybe a little bit because of that

What was the wackiest dream you’ve ever had? I dreamed that everything went to heck and back... I don't commonly have dreams so that's the weirdest I've had so far

What do you think would finally end society? The Internet, im pretty sure the Internet will end society, or just technology in general

Also what kind of music do you like and what’s yr favorite song :) I usually listen to either pop songs or game music, and my favorite song is heatwaves by glass animals

From @ranboo Separate slides

Whats your favorite color? Purple

Whats your zodiac sign? I'm a Taurus

What is a warning your friends should've had before meeting you? (lmao) I have a bad sense of humor, I make bad jokes, as in twisted bad, not bad as in terrible jokes

If you were to do something, and twitter cancled you, what would it be? Calling someone a muffinhead because it means idiot

Whats your worst fear? My worst fear is everyone I know leaving me alone, for years, so basically I have a fear of abandonment

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