As I close my eyes (poem)
As I close my eyes (poem) sleep stories
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muffinhead You can call me bad/bbh
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This is an original poem, based on an event in my life, taken on a twist

As I close my eyes (poem)

The night draws closer The shadows crawl near To see them at night Seems like a fear

At night things lurk But what isn't seen Makes us lie awake at night The shadows can seem mean

But as the depths close in And I close my eyes the feeling of sorrow Begins to comprise

As I lay there sleeping The dream of no ends That they love me back The dream that never mends

But when I awaken I close my eyes As my stomach Gives me butterflies

Isn't that happy? One may say But not all things Are in this way

It was just a dream It wasn't real But the feeling of disappointment That cannot heal

This feeling of sorrow Was caused by need Because I couldn't accept The meanness of me

I know its impossible But I know my feelings are true I can't just simply say That "I love you"

I can't accept Their feelings changed So I feel as though The feelings have flamed

I see the feelings As I crumble inside Without a moments notice I close my eyes

The end

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