It’s happening~Chapter three
It’s happening~Chapter three memes stories

muffincuteness ~~when there are footprints on the moon.
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Here is chapter threeeeeeeeeeee I hope u like itttt

It’s happening~Chapter three


Here is chapter threeeeeeeee

*One week later...*

*Raven walks in with Jasper and Michael* Raven: And so I punched her in the face and she got knocked cold out. Michael: Wow. Raven: I know right. Oh hey Hana! *Hana had walked in* Hana: Hi... *Alex also walks in and hugs Hana* Alex: Hello hello

Raven: You guys are so cute together! Hana: We aren’t ‘together’ Alex: *kisses her on the cheek* Now we are. Michael: Aww Hana: *leaves the room muttering* Alex: So... You and Raven huh? Michael and Raven: No! Alex: Mhm... Why not?

Raven: Because! He doesn’t even like the same bands as me. Michael: She hates the food I like! Raven: He doesn’t like Jasper! Michael: Her dog always sniffs my crotch! Raven: He- Alex: Okay okay. But... you guys fight like a married couple. Both: Ugh! *Alex smirks while Raven and Michael have a stare down contest*

*Flame and Lucas walk-in and frown* Flame: What did we miss? Alex: They won’t admit they like each other. Raven: I don’t! Michael: Me either! Lucas: But you guys fight like a married couple. Alex: Thats what I said! Raven and Michael: NO WE DON’T! Everyone else be like: =.=

*Next day( sorry im lazy UwU)* *Raven keeps poking Michael and Flame us bothering Lucas for food while Hana is ignoring Alex* *The boys start getting TrIGgeReD...*

OKAY IM DONEEEEE Sorry if this was short I am really tired rn

Baiiiiiiiii childssss

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