Bakugou X Reader (Part two) (Also enjoy the pics o(≧o≦)o)
Bakugou X Reader (Part two)

(Also enjoy the pics o(≧o≦)o) mha stories

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Bakugou X Reader part two owo

Bakugou X Reader (Part two) (Also enjoy the pics o(≧o≦)o)

--In the locker-- "Move your leg!" He snaps. I roll my eyes and scoff. "I'm not the giant bomb in here." "Watch it or I will blow this thing up, with or without you." "Right, kill a hero, good job Bakugou."

"Oi! Shut it." "Make me." He raises his eyebrows and I glare right back. Bye shy and soft girl, hello annoyed and hot headed. "MAKE you?!" "Yes, do you need hearing aids? Maybe it's because you explode everything."

He glares at me, his eyes full of hatred...and something I can't pinpoint. "It's your fault we are stuck in here!!" "Of course it is. Just like it's my fault you take up so much space that I can't move." "I'm sorry for wearing warm clothes."

"That's the first time I've heard you say 'sorry', even if it was sarcastic. Good job. You completed level one of 'How to Become a Hero'." I try and press back, with no success. We really are stuck in a locker. It's getting very hot, and HE is not helping.

"Can you try and not get so heated? Can you not tell that I'm going to die from heat suffocation" "Tch. You think I care, nerd?" Of course. You care about everyone, you nice, calm, collected human. I just cock my head back. Wrong choice.

It hits the locker with a hard thud. Ouch. As I reach up to press my hand to the aching bruise, Bakugou smacks it down and uses his own hand to inspect it. Like he can in the dark. "Are you okay?" Am I dreaming? Is Katsuki Bakugou asking a nice question?

"Huh?" I narrow my eyes at him. "Are YOU okay?" He just simply nods and rests his hands on either side of my head on the locker. "You're scaring me. Why aren't you trying to kill me?" He deadpans. "I don't always kill people."

I snicker, then full on laugh. I pat his chest. "Funny joke. You can hit me now." "I'm not joking." I snap my head back up. Really? How is this even possible? Kindness and the name Bakugou don't even sound good together.

He just stares at me like I'm a piece of steak. He won't eat me, will he? "Um...Can you move?" I try pushing him away again. He doesn't budge. What is he? A mix of explosions and brick walls? "You told me to make you shut up, right?"

"Uh, yeah, but that wa-" He kisses me. Him. Katsuki Bakugou. HUH? I push him off harshly. He is smirking. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!" Now I'm the one yelling. The tables have turned people. "No. Shitty hair said I should get people to like me more."

"Oh, right, right. By going around kissing every person you see. Who's next? Izuku? Jiro?" He looks slightly amused by this. Am I going crazy or is he prodding me with a stick that says 'Am I getting you mad?' "One, no and no. Two, I don't think it worked. Maybe I need to try again?"

I freeze. Is he fucking serious? Why me? Whyyyyyyy? I pout and cross my arms. He leans back against the front of the locker, smirking. Of course he is smirking. Why do guys smirk? It's annoying. I sigh and suddenly I'm back to Shy and Soft Mimi. "I-I can't believe you."

"Why?" "Why aren't" "I am me." "'re you, but a gentler you." "Are you saying I'm a different me because I'm a gentler me? I am still me, even if I was a bird."

I shake my head. Too many 'me's' and you's'. "Whatever. Can we just get out of here?" "Well what's your quirk?" "Wildebeest and Lightwave." He grunts. He does it again. Is he...laughing?

"Are you laughing at me?" "No..." He hides his laughter with coughs. "But you- you turn into a wildebeest?" He is full on laughing now. "Do you need me to ram your ass into the ocean to prove it?" That's it! I shove him to the side, basically switching positions with him.

"What are you doing?" "Using half my Quirk." Concentrating, I activate the quirk and soon after, long horns sprout. I crouch the best I can. "Get your ass off my legs." "Shut up."

I ram into the door. I don't even need to hear the metal breaking to know it opened. A gust of air blows in my face. "Aha!!" I jump out and deactivate the quirk. I take a deep breath before looking around. "Oh...." This is not what I expected.

--------------------------------------- OKAYYYYYYY So ummmm I don't know what to say about this. I personally like this chapter. Mimi is getting like Bakugou. (I ship UwU)

Buttttt anyway. Bai!! Part three on Monday!

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