Bakugou X Reader (Part One)
Bakugou X Reader (Part One) mha stories

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Bakugou X Readerrrrrrr Idc if you hate it or not

Bakugou X Reader (Part One)

This is for @Itz_wolfie Awww look at the confused kittyyyyyyy

Me: I want to touch ur hair Bakugou: Get the hell away from me you extra Me:-_- *touches it anyway* Bakugou:

Name: Mimi Age: 15 Quirk(s): Wildebeest(Explained later), Lightwave(Explained later) Looks: Long brown hair with orange and yellow streaks, tanned skin, one yellow eye and one brown eye, fit and average height. Personality: Shy, quiet, softie, likes training and sometimes drawing.

Wildebeest Quirk: This Quirk grants the user the physical characteristics and abilities of a wildebeest. This grants increased muscular strength and density, giving the user power capable of easily crushing stone and withstanding almost any form of physical punishment. The user also gains straight horns, used for skewering and ramming targets.

While the user also has a fast acceleration rate for running at opponents, their bulky physique makes them comparatively slow to most other opponent's and unable to properly change their trajectory.

Lightwave Quirk:Lightwave is a slight blend of both Transformation and Emitter classes of quirk for a unique manner. Lightwave allows the user of the quirk to charge their molecules with light energy in such a manner that their living cells mimic light. This could be used in many manners, but a short list of such is: Short distance Teleportation, Light Emission, Light Generation, and Speed Enhancing.

The Emitter portion comes from the properties of light itself. The quirk allows the user as well to generate light, and with said light project such. Of course this cant be used for much as light is mass-less and has no applicable use in a fight.

Weakness: The user must be able to see where they are going to Teleport to that location, and relatively can only go 10 yards(30 Ft.) In any direction. These powers are more powerful during the daytime, while at Night they take a bit to charge unless there is a nearby light source independent from the user.

--Before school-- 6:25 am *Ding!* Half asleep, I reach over and slam my fist into my phone. *Ding!* Are you kidding me? *Ding!* "Ugh! Shut up!" I click randomly over the screen until it goes quiet.

I sit up in bed and yawn. I grab my phone and check why my phone was blowing up. *Message* ⚡Denki⚡: Wake up! ⚡Denki⚡: Don't be late! ⚡Denki⚡: If you don't wake up I will get Shark boi to bite you. I roll my eyes. Me: I'm up, stop freaking out. ⚡Denki⚡: Great! See you at school ⚡⚡

I groggily roll out of bed and pull on some decent clothes. I don't really care about school rules, I just go with what I like. Don't get me wrong, school is great, I just don't like feeling owned. I throw on some accessories and look in the mirror. Perfect.

[This is what your wearing]

[Except the bag is a backpack]

I grab my phone and run out the door.

--In class-- I've never really taken interest in Bakugou. I mean, yeah he is the most hot headed person alive, but he seems like he could be nice sometimes. "Hello," I sit in the back by him. He is taking up two desks, with his feet on one. He acts like he didn't hear me. "Can you help me train?" He barely glances at me.

"Why would I train an extra like you?" I shift nervously in my seat. "You know helping others can help you be top hero." This catches his attention. But not the good kind. He glares at me with so much hatred I almost run out the class. Almost. "I CAN BE TOP HERO BY MYSELF!"

I flinch. So much for that. Mr. Aizawa just sleeps through class while Midoriya and Shinsou talk about cats. I look for Mina but I see her talking with Uraka and it seems like they are in deep conversation. I sigh. Guess I'll just study.

I take out my notes and start writing on controlling my quirks. A hand taps my shoulder and I look up to see Todoroki looking down at me. "Oh, hi Todoroki. Did you need something?" He nods.

"Would you like to trai-" "Oi, nerd. I'll train with you but only because I have to!" Bakugou crosses his arms and Kirishima smiles. Oh boy. "Oh..." Todoroki looks between us and frowns. "Alright, see you around then, Mimi." I nod. "Bye!"

I turn to Sharkie and the Angry Pomeranian. "I thought you didn't want to train." "Shitty hair changed my mind." "Of course he did." I mumble. I feel ban for Shoto. He was just asking to train with me.

"Tch. Meet me at the park, I guess. And don't think this means we are friends. We aren't." He stalks back to Denki and Koda. I scrunch my nose at his back and go back to my notes. "You may not see it, but he likes you." "Shut it, Shark tooth."

He laughs. "It's true." I doubt that. The only person he comes close to liking is Kirishima or Denki. And he still is hot headed around them. Class is soon over. I collect my things and head out the door, when something-more like someone- slams into my side and sends me stumbling into an open locker.

"Don't think I wouldn't add you too, Bakugou!" Another body gets shoved in. My ears nearly go deaf when he yells, "LET ME OUT YOU EXTRAS!!" He squirms around in the super tight space. I just stand there and make sure not to move.

"LET ME OUT OR I'LL BLOW THIS DOOR DOWN!!" "I-I don't think that's a good idea..." I glance warily at his already sparking hands. "WHY?!!!" "Uh- School destruction..." Surprisingly, he calms down.

"Fine. But you better not hog all this stupid space, nerd." Right. I'm the one who is trying to blow things up. If we go to opposite sides of the locker, we are still just a few inches away from each other. This sucks. Me. I'm stuck with the angriest person. Wonderful.

--------------------------------------- SOOOOOOOO THAT'S IT FOR TODAY I'm tired and I needed a cliffhanger so yeah- Bai! You can enjoy some edits-

This save tho-

Poor Hinata-

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