A RP with @Windsong and @nightseer! And meh obviously...
A RP with @Windsong and @nightseer!

And meh obviously... warriors stories

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Warrior's Rp. @Windsong @nightseer

A RP with @Windsong and @nightseer! And meh obviously...

Silverpaw was wandering near the woods, trying to find Blackfur after the huge war that almost started. Icepaw was in the trees, trying to catch a bird. Silverpaw was lost.

She knew she was lost. She was out gathering herbs for Leafpool since she was now a medicine cat apprentice but lost track when a few kittypets chased her.

She then noticed a small white cat trying to catch something.

Icepaw looked at the cat below him. 'Who is she? Why is she in Riverclan territory?' He thought.

"W-Who are you?" Silverpaw sniffs the air. "I'm Icepaw of Riverclan! Who are you?" Icepaw jumps down.


Dewpaw scents the air for prey. She locates a water vole and silently pounces, killing it quickly. She starts to trot back to her den, but catches another cat scent.

She hides her prey and walks toward the scent, running into a white cat. She crouches down. "P-please don't hurt me!"

"I would not. Who are you?" He asks.

"I-I'm Dewpaw...I don't have a clan anymore." She stays crouched and turns to Silverpaw. "H-hi..."

Silverpaw stares nervously at both cats. ~I know I can't fight but I can at least try if they hurt me~

"H-hello.." She mews to Dewpaw.

"I smell herbs on the silverish cat." Icepaw meows.

Silverpaw studied Dewpaw. She looked different but made her feel welcome. "Yes, I'm a medicine cat apprentice. right now. And I was collecting Horsetail..."

"Okay, now I understand." Icepaw relaxes. "You were chased by the rogues."

Silverpaw smiles a little at Dewpaw and Icepaw. "Yes...and I'm not a good hunter...or fighter..." ~Why would I tell them that? It makes me sound weak!~

Dewpaw stays quiet and shifts uncomfortably. ~I hope they don't notice I'm from Shadowclan...~

"I can relate," Icepaw mews. "My clan says they will banish me..." He sighs sadly.

Dewpaw suddenly hisses and leaps into the air. She lands and scuffles her paws in the dirt, embarrassed. "There was a beetle..."She mutters. (So harmful XD)

Silverpaw studies Dewpaw. "Um...well-"

Icepaw laughs slightly. "I understand. What clan are you from?"

Dewpaw frowns. "Um...Shadowclan..."

Icepaw hangs his head. "Why are you not there?" He asks quietly.


Sorry my hands hurt from typing ;-;

I'll finish later hopefully.

Bai! (this is Windclan territory)

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