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Its all about a personified broken dream regarding a profession. You may relate it differently. Feel free to express. My first attempt in poetry.

By: Mudit Jain

When I First

by Mudit Jain

When I first saw you; you seemed to be alike of others

When I first observed you; you seemed to be disgracing as others

When I first interacted with you; you seemed to be negatively aggregated as others

When I first judged you my soul ordered myself to stop, to stop myself from being an easily concluding soul

When I first admired you; internal and eternal beauty seemed to be alluring

When I first judged you; flaws seemed to be complementing

When I first asked myself am I paying too much attention towards your nation? My heart polite maybe you are my ultimate destination

I slapped myself hard; gave my rapids of emotions a required resistance

When the disbelieved fog of illusions was cleared from my marathon track; my souled eyes could see your name as final destination; MYOPIC??? Or I was running from my shadow?

Days moved on, nights gone but dumb stiff mind continued to be prickly as thorn

When I first got to know and admire you from heart; soul contradicted on that part. Maybe soul was too cold to complement with the heart

Days moved on nights gone, but icy soul showed no sign to melt on

Then when I first left my soul isolated, it indicated that consolidated cold and rigid heart was getting impaired by alluring warmth of emotions and time

If I say I fell love with you then; I wouldn’t contradict but add it to like as corrected

Did I let my emotions conquer my heart? Maybe I wouldn’t contradict on that part

Was it that time when an intense bond of connecting, relating was felt; compelling my heart to melt?

Or you weren’t my heartbeat but heart that’s beating instead

When I was high enjoying song of rhythmic heartbeats; I was quite offended by non rhythmic pulsing beats

When I realized we were the owners of different crowns; I was broken deep down

I picked up my pieces now where to begin?

Yes I realized that hardest part of ending is starting again

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