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muditjain Community member
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inspired from optimism which held in ironclad heart of Freddie Mercury

Let Us

Lets live our life freely, not by passing the hours merely

Immersing ourselves into the kingdom of positivity, where despairing endgames are transformed into valorous victories

Realizing the purpose which compelled almighty to light our lifeless bodies with a soul, which can allow heavenly blessings and a divine role to take a toll

Let’s eradicate the straining stress of uncontrollable things, let almighty tackle it with intensity of his captivating wings

Let’s devour the haunting havoc’s malevolence, with our appetite of benevolence

Let’s live a life endlessly, where embedding love and compassion in our hearts in mandatory

Where sparking shades of cirrus dominates over blacking effect of nimbus

Where warmth of the sun suppresses coldest nights of the month

Where defeats makes self better not bitter

Where karma is taken as pair of scales instead of butcher with blades

Where 12 laws of Buddhism doesn’t stops us from punishing even our kiths and kins for their unforgiven sins

Where we share feelings and knowledge, butchering grudges and gossips

Where deceivers can’t damage even a strand of our hair, and never tempt us to make ourselves a victim of despair

Where shattered and broken souls aren’t left impaired, love, care and compassion gives them a marvellous repair

This day can be true as existing sun and moon, if we confine love and optimism in our heart which would be indeed a boon

Let’s cherish every moment and celebrate every day, so that even almighty will delay the day of doomsday

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