Cryo Snow White
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A fresh retelling of Snow White from the perspective of space exploration crew-members trapped in cryostasis.

By: Ray Ortiz

Cryo Snow White

Dizziness calms the slow window light where tight shedding seeps through wet snow white- cryostasis disks of cycling kites that crest overhead, invest and invite.

The queen shoots long, the lenses smite. One-man wigwams weave votive flights. The padstring arrows steep threads aright with motives gone, several drawers Loctite

that crumbling blip- entrusted slight life-Lyme of beep to red apple's bite. Guarantees guard-prep, defending night from songswept sweet crushing erudite.

Soft data syncs chordata spikes; spinning wigwags sleeve ice-lichened dikes to quest in sleet- flash flintless strikes of formless film flat Fahrenheit.

Faraday skeins strip the stained lucite. Fierce frostwinds fleece in-green dendrites, convoluting creeds of stalagmites, dropping sourcescript steeds... filigrees ignite.

Fern cisterns cleave the catacomb heights leaving scalpel chrysalis open-piped. The moldsick comes, the space finite; coma circle-eights its crystalline blight.

Who of the damned respite incites to chance fjord-seeding malachite; to boldly go toward appetite and kill the dissident crew in spite?

By: Ray Ortiz

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