My Sixth Year Part 3
My Sixth Year Part 3 stories

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Annalee Angelo is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for the first time. Find out what happens. This is the third part of My Sixth Year Part 1 & 2.

My Sixth Year Part 3

by mtholmes2017

“So what subjects do you want to learn more of this school year?

Because I am looking for an assistant to help me take care of the creatures that I’m teaching yourself and your fellow class mates about this school year.

” Asked Newt wanting to know what Annalee’s interests are and how she can be happy at Hogwarts.

Annalee took a few minutes before she thought up a response but she also continued to observe how Newt was getting anxious.

She closes the pouch and picks up the other Niffler and just holds him while giving her response.

“I really enjoy DADA and Care of Magical Creatures. My uncle is a dragon wrangler and my aunt is a magizoologist. But if I had to choose between the two of them I would pick magical creatures.

“Hopefully that wasn’t too much.”

Newt looks at how his little creature is trying to slowly slip into the pouch. He then got really close to Annalee and grabbed the critter before he disturbed the baby.

He looks up to smile at me in the eye.

“Would you like to be my assistant?” he asked with a low sounded chuckle.

“Yes! I wouldn’t not want too! When do I start?” she said excited to what magical creatures she will be helping with.

“I will let you know when I need you but for now go head back to your dormitory and rest. Have a good evening Ms. Angelo.” He said walking towards the grand hall again.

“Good Night Professor.”

While walking back to her dorm room. Alan was waiting for her in the kitchen with a ‘Welcome to Hufflepuff’ cake.

The house elves were cleaning, prepping the kitchen when Alan looked up, and smiled her.

“Hey trouble I got this little cake made just for you.”

“Thank you so much! I love it Alan!” I say when suddenly Professor Newt’s Niffler came running up to me and began to climb my leg up into my pouch.

The Niffler was very persistent with trying to get into the pouch.

“Oh! Hello little buddy…hey leave Benny alone. He needs his rest and does not need to be bothered right now.” I pull the Niffler away from the pouch and he began to growl at me.

“I do not like your attitude little sir.”

Professor Newt then ran into the room very angry looking. I held the Niffler out to him so he could take him from me. The Niffler then began to whine and get scared of Newt.

Benny started to get fussy from being woken up by the older Niffler. I look into the pouch and he’s crying.

“Oh sssh…sssssh…my little Benny it’s okay…ssssh…it’s okay.” Newt noticed how upset my Niffler was and immediately began to lecture his Niffler.

“Do you hear that? You woke him up and now he’s fussy. He’s a baby and needs his sleep to grow big and strong like you.” He said as the Niffler is making cooing noises toward the baby.

I couldn’t help but smile.

I pull Benny out of my pouch and the Professor immediately handed his Niffler over to Alan to hold. He then walked up to me and asked to hold Benny.

“May I?”

“Yes of course.” I say as I hand him over to him.

“Benny my name is Newt. I am sorry that you had been woken up. Now no more crying and it is time to go back to your mom and sleep.” He hands him back to me.

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