Kirk's Secret Part 2
Kirk's Secret Part 2 stories

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Admiral Marcus had given Jim a mission to capture & arrest John Harrison, whom is a terrorist in the eyes of the federation. Will Jim find Harrison?
This is the second part for Kirk's Secret Part 1

Kirk's Secret Part 2

by mtholmes2017

“Your body starts to develop the necessary organs to reproduce with the alpha to produce pups or kids in our case. During the sexual part of the heat.

Your stamina will increase and you will be so horny that you would beg for a alphas cock to be inserted into your pleasure place. On the last day of your heat.

At the height of your climax, the alpha will develop a thick ring of flesh at the base of his penis called a knot, right before you climax though he will make bond bite at crook of your neck,

then push in his final thrust into your pleasure place, the knot then begins to swell a little more bigger making sure that you & your alpha do not separate before your bond is complete.

Which lasts about thirty minutes and the alphas knot deflates.

At that time the heat over and you get one day to snuggle & cuddle your alpha until he or she feels its okay for you to be away from them.”

“Is it possible to become pregnant during my first heat?” he asked quite seriously. She grabs his hand and pats it.

“Yes it is possible Jim. In the statistics that I had researched. One hundred percent of the time the newly bonded couple knows right away that they expecting immediately.

The alpha normally is the first to notice the scent change of their omega.”

“Okay. Shaura I’m kind of feeling tired. Could you please show me my room?” asked Jim yawning and places his hand over his mouth so he didn’t feel rude.

Shaura just looks at him for a few minutes before nodding & smiling. She grabbed his hand and guided him to his room.

“Jim? If there is anything you need there is a blue button on your end table.” She said as she was about to walk out of the room and then stops. “Oh and Jim if you need sexual stimulation.

There are sex toys in the bottom dresser. They are not used yet. Good night.” As soon as she left the room, he began to strip out of his clothes, and pulls out the lubricant & toys.

Jim pleasured himself until he fell asleep.

Mean while in the brig. Bones is asking Harrison questions about his alpha status and if he was aware that he was going into a rut.

Harrison growls with frustration that his omega had not come to him for help yet with his heat.

“Doctor how is the captain doing? He must smell delicious. The smell of his slick must have turned you on. Admit it you wanted to thrust into his sweet slick hole with all your might.

” Harrison laughs almost maliciously. Bones got tired of him trying to fuck with his mind and walked out. Spock was just walking in when he was leaving. He did not try to stop him.

He gave Harrison a blank stare before interrogating him.

“Ah Commander Spock, it’s so good to see you again. Tell has my omega asked for me yet? Hmm…I’m beginning to worry for him. Is he all right?”

Spock could see through the fake sentiment that he was trying to trick him in revealing information about the captain to him. He just scoffs at him.

Harrison notices it and is not pleased with what he had heard. So he began to glare at Spock. He decided to pull a trick of his own against the prisoner.

“Sense you seem to be so concerned for my captains health & personal well being. Maybe I could see if he would not mind coming to see you. But it’s up to him to decide.

Not I but I must ask you to refrain from giving him unwanted advances. I will be here with his doctors as well to make sure he feels safe.

” Said Spock as Harrison is pacing back and forth in his glass prison. Spock turns away from the prisoner and smirks to himself.

Spock heads toward the sanctuary and comms Bones to meet him there. He hopes that Jim & Shaura do not mind going to amuse Harrison. Bones finally arrives and he tells him of his plan.

He thinks he’s fucking crazy but he doesn’t care as long Jim & Shaura are safe from Harrison’s clutches.

Spock knocks & rings the door. They wait a few minutes for one of them to answer and it’s Shaura. She looks at them with smile.

She leads to the living room to sit down while they waited for Jim to wake up. She goes to get the tea tray & biscuits.

“So what brings you two fine gentlemen to our door?” asked Shaura curious.

“Harrison wants to speak with Jim. He is very persistent in his demands. I do not wish to make either of you uncomfortable. I will understand if neither of you two want to go.

” Said Spock speaking with a firm voice.

Jim walks into the room only in his boxer shorts with nothing else on. Bones notices that Jim’s abdomen had began to swell out a little. Showing that his heat had began. He smiles to his friend.

He freezes noticing Bones & Spock in the room. He looks to Shaura in confusion. Shaura pats the cushion next to her. He sits down and grabs a cup of tea. He waits for one of them to speak.

Spock explains to Jim & Shaura his plan and what he was wondering if they would not mind doing so. Jim agrees that it would be a good idea.

Plus he wants to know who Harrison actually is and why he surrendered so easily. Jim goes and gets dressed.

As they were walking to the brig, Jim gets the sudden feeling that he is doing what he had wanted sense he first smelt Harrison. His alpha. Jim suddenly stops in his tracks.

They enter the brig and the guard was giving Harrison his lunch. He noticed that the cells port hole was opened slightly. Harrison took a big inhale of the captains scent.

“Ah Captain it’s so good to see you again. How are you feeling?”

Jim could not hide his sudden discomfort coming out of his anus. The slick was now pooling down his legs. Harrison’s voice had done this much to his body.

It’s as if his body knows who his alpha is but his mind is like ‘FUCK NO!!! DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE!’ and he doesn’t even realize that he is walking closer to the port hole.

He doesn’t even realize that he has began to shiver from being cold until Shaura puts a sweater onto his shoulders.

In a low voice she whispers for only him to hear. “Jim it’s getting really hard for me to be in here around him. I’m going to go sit near the guard at the desk okay. Be careful.”

Harrison smiles as he sees the only other omega other than his omega that is on the ship he’s imprisoned on.

“Hello…”Jim says nervously.

“He speaks.

Tell me Captain, How’s your heat going so far? Do you feel that itch yet? Have you resorted to pleasure toys yet my treasure?

Tell me I’m dying to know how you have handled your needs so I can give you absolute pleasure.” Said Harrison speaking in a sultry voice.

Jim hears a rumble or a growl coming from the cell as he sat down in front of the small bouncy ball sized open port hole.

“I…I need my alpha….everything hurts so badly. My stomach has began to swell out from how much pain I’m in. Look…” said Jim as he lifts up his t-shirt for Harrison to see his swollen red belly.

Jim watches as Harrison opens his mouth and begins to pant from the beautiful display of submission from his omega.

“Oh Captain…” Harrison was cut off by Jim before he could continue.

“My name is Jim. If you would like to call me by my name.” said Jim pulling his shirt back down over his belly with a wince.

He sucks in a breathe from how painful the movement of putting his clothing back into place over his body.

“Jim. Your name is actually James. So James tell me what else you want me to do for you to ease your pain.” Said Harrison.

“What is your full name?” asked Jim wondering what this alpha is hiding from him. Harrison sighs and kneels really close the port hole and gestures for Jim to get closer so he can hear him.

“My name is John Harrison and I’m a commander in Star Flights London division. But I was transferred to the San Francisco’s division by Admiral Marcus.

I have to admit to you that this is not my true identity though. My omega you are going to hear the truth from my lips before someone tells you lies about me.

My actual name is Khan Noonien Singh. I am an augmented human being. I had been frozen for over three hundred plus years.

Marcus had found myself & my crew in my ship frozen in space floating into oblivion. He found me in my frozen prison. He woke me up and demanded me to create him a weapon of mass destruction.

He took my family from me and held them hostage in order for me to do his bidding. The sector that he had created is called Sector thirty-one. When I had a chance to potentially save my family.

I placed them into all those torpedoes in your weapons bay so that I could get them away from Sector thirty-one.

I never told Marcus of my second sex status because he would have forced me to bond with his slut of a daughter.

I took suppressants for betas to mask my sent until I got off of that god forsaken planet we call Earth. So please if you would, call me Khan or Noonien.

I’m sorry the information I had just given you was kept secret from you my treasure.” Khan waited for Jim’s response to his confession.

Spock steps forward to escort him away from the glass but is stopped by Bones’ hand on his shoulder. Bones whispers to Spock.

“Let Jim decide for himself if he wants to mate with Singh or not Spock. After all it’s his body.” Said Bones release his shoulder and walking over to Shaura to check on her.

They continued to look at Jim wondering what is going through his head.

Jim falls to his knees because he is in so much pain. He began to have tears falling down his face. Bones immediately rushes over to him to help him.

Jim is on his back now on the floor whimpering in excruciating pain. Bones leans in to listen to what Jim is trying to tell him.

“Bones…I..I want to be… with my alpha…please it hurts too much…” Jim says as he goes unconscious. Bones picks up Jim and turns to look at Khan.

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