Kirk's Secret Part 1
Kirk's Secret Part 1 stories

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Admiral Marcus had given Jim a mission to capture & arrest John Harrison, Whom is a terrorist in the eyes of the federation. Will Jim find Harrison?

Kirk's Secret Part 1

by mtholmes2017

Jim was getting ready with the landing party that was going to go to Kronos’ surface to arrest John Harrison.

He started to get anxious about getting really close to Harrison without beating the living shit out of him. Uhora was talking to the Klingons when Harrison suddenly showed up guns a blazing.

Kirk & Spock ran out of their ship to help Uhora from being harmed and to capture Harrison. Bones is busy making sure the newbie’s don’t get killed on their first mission.

Jim beats the shit out of the Klingons and he didn’t see the one that was behind him. Harrison shot the creature dead and dropped his weapon.

“How many torpedoes are on your ship?!” demanded Harrison. “How Many!!”

“Seventy-two.” Said Jim flatly.

“I Surrender.” Jim then proceeded to beat the shit out of him. He noticed that no bruises were appearing on Johns face.

“Captain!” said Uhora.

“Captain! He surrendered!” said Spock not at all impressed with his behavior.

Bones began to mutter under his breath. “God Dammit Jim! Ya gonna hurt yourself!”

Kirk stopped beating on Harrison. His breathing is more labored and heavy from how exhausted he was beginning to feel.

“On behalf of Christopher Pike, my friend & father, I accept your surrender.” Said Jim handcuffing Harrison and then walking back towards the trader ship they arrived on.

When they finally make back to the Enterprise. Jim has Harrison escorted to the brig.

As they are walking to the brig, Bones decides now is the time to fuss over Jim’s vital signs & health status. He’s surprised to notice that Jim’s blood pressure is really low.

But he notices also in the reading that he is heavily aroused. Bones demands that Jim & Harrison are to be escorted to the med bay to be looked over.

Jim has started to get more irritable as of recently. Bones can’t help to wonder what Jim’s second sex is but he refuses to do the test. But today Bones is making him do what HE wants him to do.

For safety reasons only. Harrison quietly snickers to himself because he knows what Jim’s second sex was as soon as he met him.

As Bones is taking Harrison’s blood sample to test it, Jim suddenly snaps out of no where. “Man! You reek of straight up pheromones” he said as he’s covering his nose with the crook of his elbow.

“Jesus Jim! Do you not know when to shut ya trap?

! Because ya gonna be up shits creek if ya keep up with that mouth of yours! No wonder why ya mom never stayed around cause it’s filthy!

” Bones said as he’s telling Harrison to hold the gauze on the incision. “Jim! Go have a seat on that fuckin’ bio-bed man!”

Jim does as he’s told because he doesn’t want Bones getting angrier than he already is. When Harrison was walking by all Jim could smell was his pheromones.

His stomach began to turn from the pain it was starting to become excruciating when he came closer to his scent.

Bones notices and he tells Jim to take a nap in his private sanctuary when he take breaks when he their blood samples to see what their status’ are presented as.

When Harrison is finally locked away in the brig. He begins to relax a little knowing the his family is ‘safe’ for now. Knowing where they are being held currently at this time.

Which also scares him because he doesn’t know what Jim is like when provoked and he doesn’t want to risk his families lives just to test how far he could go before he could break him into

doing his bidding. He decides to rest his eyes waiting for Jim to come to him.

“Jim? Hey Jim? Wake up, I have something extremely important to tell ya.” Said Bones being as gentle as he could possibly get without touching Jim’s skin.

Not wanting to risk bonding with him accidently. Jim stretches & moans and faces Bones with a half groggy smile. “What Bones…” said Jim sleepily.

He doesn’t say anything until Jim sits up on the couch.

“What is it Bone? You look like you had just gotten your favorite cowboy boots pissed on.” Said Jim trying to lighten up the mood. Bones laughs shaking his head at his ridiculous antics.

“Jim I really don’t know how to say this without freaking ya out…” he confesses knowing well that Jim is going to have a total bitch fit.

“Spill it Bones! This intensity is killing me!” said Jim trying not to be insincere.

“Jim…Man ya are an omega. Now do not be pissed at me because I had noticed how Harrison was making ya really uncomfortable.

So here is ya suppressants and ya very own key to ya personal heat room. Jim do not look at me like that.

I swear if ya cry ya are gonna end looking like a alligator getting spanked by its mother on the fourth of July during rush hour!” said Bones really not in the mood for crocodile tears.

“If ya want to know more about omegas. Go speak to Shaura Holmes. She’s an omega herself and she knows what it’s like to go through what ya are going through.

Now go and see her in the omega sanctuary section of the ship. It’s really close to the brigs. So no detours to visit Harrison. Am I clear!”

Jim decides to shower and change his clothing first before heading to the sanctuary to meet up with Shaura.

His muscles had been getting achy and he has started to get serious cramps from what he can tell. He gets dressed and heads toward the brig.

Spock tries to stop Jim but he tells him that he on a short medical leave instructed by Bones to not delay to where he needs to be and tells him that he has the bridge until he

is feeling better. Spock nods and Jim continues towards his destination.

Shaura is in her office writing a report when Bones comms her to let her know that James Tiberius Kirk is on his way down to her due to his recent finding of his second sex’s status.

“Alright Bones thank you for letting me know ahead of time.

” She says as she goes to prepare her medical supplies that she needs to use to prep Jim for an ultrasound to make sure his ovaries & uterus are developing okay with no difficulties.

After an hour later she hears a knock on the sanctuaries doors. “Come in Jim!” she says in a calm tone.

“Hello I’m Jim. I’m here to set up my…I don’t know what… My sanctuary?” said Jim still confused is to what he should be doing. Shaura takes him to a dressing room and hands him a dressing gown.

“Okay Jim go and change into this gown and keep your underwear on. When your finished with that I want you to lay on this bio-bed okay.

” She said with a smile and heads out of the changing room. Jim begins to change his clothes and absorbs into his mind.

‘Oh man! I can’t believe that I’m an omega! I feel that I am not myself anymore! More frightened rather than brave! My ass is also itching something fierce! Dammit!

Why couldn’t I be an alpha or a fucking beta instead?! Now I have to find a mate to help me with my heats…this is going to be the end of me!’

Jim gets out of his thoughts when Shaura knocks on the door. “Are you alright Jim? Do you need help?” she asked being sincere. Jim unlocks the door and just lays down on the bio-bed.

“Okay Jim. I’m going to preform an ultrasound to make sure your body is developing properly. Are you feeling any discomfort or pain at this time?” she asked being completely serious.

“Um…if you mean the cramps and feeling really hot. No not yet. Knock on wood. Oh and is it weird if my butt is extremely, irritatingly so, right now.

It’s starting to annoy the shit out of me if I’m truthfully honest with you.” Said Jim squirming at the thought of his ass being itchy.

“Yes those symptoms are completely normal for you to be feeling right now.” She said as she’s bringing over the ultrasound machine closer.

“I’m going to need you to bring up the gown over your belly button Jim. This is going to be a little cold.” She said as she squeezes out some of the blue gel onto his lower abdomen.

“Now lets see…Hmm yes that looks good.

Great! Everything is developed really well and your ovaries look like they are going to burst from how full they are!” Jim gives her a horrified look and she giggles.

“Oh Jim! I didn’t mean to freak you out by my comment I’m sorry.” She said as she turns of the machine and gives him a damp paper towel to wipe away the gel.

Jim lets out a sigh of relief and cleans his stomach.

“So am I able to leave yet?” he asked knowing possibly that the news might not be good.

“Oh Jim. Sense this is your first true heat, which just happens to sync with mine, you can’t leave until it has passed. Which will be a total of three whole days.

Do you know what a heat entails Jim?” she asked curiously.

Jim just looks at her as if she had shot at him with a stun gun. “No I have never experienced one before…what does it do?”

“Jim come and have a seat.” She gestures towards the leather couch. “A omega heat consists of having a uncontrollable need to mate with an alpha.

This sometimes happens to an omega when they have found their soulmate or an alphas scent triggers their heat early. Sense an alpha triggered your heat by just being in the room with him.

It is more likely that you had been induced to have a early heat due to the alphas pheromones.

When this does happen, the alpha that released their pheromones is normally the one to help thus said omega through their heat,

but in your case you have the sanctuary med bay wing that I fought Star Flight to have them on each mission vessel they owned to ensure omega safety on each ship.

” She pauses to go get cups of tea Jim & Herself and then sits down again to continue.

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