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All & I Part 1

by mtholmes2017

My parents were beginning to get worried that I wouldn’t make any friends while I moved out to live on my own. College life. Such a gift that was forced upon me by my uncle.

Whom of which claims that he’s thus said British government. But I find that to be hogs wash.

If he were to get a chance to read this I think that he would have my father box my ears for speaking so disrespectfully towards his brother but then again he would say something much

more worse than I could ever think up.

If you haven’t guessed it yet that my parents are quite, how you put it, serious?, no that would be to absurd, hmmm…posh?, no I would definitely get my ears boxed at that comment alone.

My mother is extremely known for his beauty but his charm as a doctor. Let alone his standing in her majesties army as a sergeant. Leading surgeon no doubt.

Saving many of young gentlemen’s lives with his healing hands. But the one thing I love the most about him is his way of snappy come backs and his quick draw with a hand gun.

My father learned early on not to make my mother turn sour from a feud between the two of them and to make up to one another.

My father, well he prefers me to call him by his first name but I refused too sense I was a mere babe,

he’s more of a quick witted intelligent man whom could tear your very world apart by just observing and expressing how he feels directly towards your face.

Hopefully it’s nothing too personal in which he reveals your deepest darkest secrets. I live in a world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.

The Alphas claim to have utter control over the lessor sexes. The Omegas are considered to be god’s given creation for the Alphas alone to produce strong and healthy offspring.

The Betas I’m afraid to say got the short end of the stick.

My parents are John Hamish Watson and William Sherlock Scott Holmes. But he prefers I call him Sherlock so I shall. He is my father and John is my mother.

They are both coming to visit me today at my art school. I’m so excited to show them my new art work that I have made so far.

I am afraid to tell them about my boy friend/girl friend, All, they are both sexes in one and they have no defining genders other than being an Alpha.

They are coming to meet my parents also and I am not afraid to admit that I am terrified for my lover.

All and I have not experienced any sexual contact yet from one another but we have cuddled & slept in the same bed. All is an internationally known super model.

How could I be so lucky to have someone as beautiful as them. I myself have to tell my parents that I’m transgendered and that I’m going to change my anatomy to male from female.

My true name is Sarah-Anne Marie Watson-Holmes and I’m 22 years old. The name I go by when I’m at school is Michael Alan Everett Holmes but I haven’t told my parents yet. Mrs.

Hudson already knows such a wonderful woman. She would purchase me men’s clothing and condoms for when I was curious at sixteen years old.

She told me that being yourself is more important than what others truly think of you. Ever sense I turned seventeen I decided that day forth that I was going to be whom I truly enjoy being.

I had experienced my first heat with All two weeks ago. Our first sexual experience and it was wonderful. All worshipped my body in it’s time & need with so much tenderness and love.

They left recently to go on a modeling tour around the world. While I’m stuck here having to tell my parents that I’m bonded to a non-gender defining lover.

My body has been acting strange lately. I’ve been puking my brains out every single morning after All’s and I’s loving making.

I think that I’m pregnant but I’m too scared to go to the doctors without my uncle finding out and then my father showing up floored at me.

My mother would be cussing me out a storm once he finds out.

Well they are here. My parents & All.

“Michael” All said pulling me close to them and kissing my forehead. “I’ve missed you so much love.”

I kiss him back. “Oh I have missed you as well All. My parents just told me that they are here.

Should we go greet them together?” I asked hoping All would choose to stay in my room while I went to fetch them both.

“Yes I would like to greet them with you.” Said All putting on their white fur scarf. They grabbed my hand and we walked towards my parents. They gave a weird look when then saw All.

Sherlock’s face was red with anger. John was standing straighter than before.

“Hello Dad. Hello Father. Let me introduce you to my boy/girl friend, All.” I said hugging them both with a smile.

John just gave Sherlock this look of -YOU SAY ANYTHING RUDE AND I WILL KILL YOU- and He walked right up to All to shake their hand.

“Hello it’s nice to meet you… All?” John said confused is to whom his child is dating. Sherlock then walks up behind John and also reaches out to shake their hand too.

“Yes it’s nice to meet you All.” He said then walking over to me to hug me. “He’s interesting Honey, Where did you find him?”

I bit my tongue not wanting to get angry at them both and then All spoke up.

“Oh I’m sorry I should explain to you both my appearance. My name is All. I do not go by either gender. So the pronouns I use are them, they, and their.

” They said smiling and pulling me closer to their hip.

My father just was about to kill them the way his face went blood red from All pulling me closer to them.

John grabs Sherlock and holds his arm with his arm so he doesn’t do anything he’ll regret later. I notice his change in body language and I change the subject completely.

“Shall we get inside to talk some more. I have my art work all laid out in my room.” I said as All whispers in my ear. “Haven’t you told them about yourself yet?” I shake my head no as my answer.

I card open the dormitory door for my parents. All can feel my body tensing under their hand on my lower back. Sherlock & John smile seeing how affectionate All is with me.

But Sherlock can see that deep down there was something bugging me to the point of me hiding my face in All’s shoulder. He began to observe me with extreme detail every step I took.

We finally make it to my dorm room. I take a deep breathe in and hold it until we are in the room.

All sits down on my leather chair(which is the exact replica as my fathers) and smiles as my parents sit on the couch.

I release the breath I was holding released as quietly that I could without my father noticing.

“So these are my latest portraits I painted.” I said with a huge grin. My dad just looks at All the whole time and my heart begins to panic.

All notices this and walks over to me and kisses my forehead to calm me down. Sherlock then stands up, picks up the painting, and puts it on my easel to look at it from a far.

“Hmmm…it looks lovely my dear.” He said feeling how many times with his hand the amount of brush strokes I used to paint the face. “I have a serious concern that I need to express to you.

I have been noticing it this whole time and it has been bothering me immensely.” He said pausing before he continued.

“When were you going to tell us that you are transitioning to be a man?” asked Sherlock really serious. John just looked between him and I until I spoke up.

I began to shake from how frightened I am of them both.

“I..I wasn’t sure how you both would react to me…not wanting to be female anymore. Not having a little princess anymore…” I say with a pause. I take a shaky breath.

“Not taking me down as a bride to the man /or woman that I would have married one day but as a groom.” I began to cry from how much frustration I had began to feel.

“And I have already started my testosterone treatment but I had to stop recently due to health concerns…but I’m fine.

” I say trying to change the subject so my father wouldn’t catch what I had said but my dad noticed it immediately.

“So When did you start the testosterone?” asked John a little mad but not as bad as Sherlock is at the moment. Pacing the room.

“When I turned 17 years old. I chose to do it in secret. Mrs. Hudson had known sense I was 12 years old though…I don’t know how she knew but she did.

She’s the one that encouraged me to be my true self.”

“Um…You said due to ‘Health concerns’ you stopped getting your treatment.

Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door and my father answers it.

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