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mstndrt16 y/o expressing herself through art
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As a good friend or lover leaves and scares are starting to show


I sat in the empty bathtub, scared of the water touching my skin when i would turn it on

But hours had passed and i was wondering what the contact of skin and steaming water would be like. I tried...

Water dripped over my face and naked body. Warmth filling me slowly but peaceful.

But not soon till you were there, the memory. Us together and happy. Our skins wouldn’t let go of each other as we were meant to be

I still feel them, Your hands Roaming over my body as a wild animal. Trying to explore as much as possible.

Every day i feel them. As ghosts over my body. Your touch still clear to me. Every movement you made... without my permission.

I was trapped. Not only by you, but also in my own head. Voices screaming to be released. Screaming for freedom I could take it if i wanted. End it all, the pain and hurting

But i was scared. Scared of losing you... scared to lose you by some action i did that caused some slightly pain, Only the thing was..

You had my heart, and soul. It was in your hands and you broke it. But it had been broken before. I don’t blame you,

Long nights passed that i laid there empty on the cold bed. Not only my heart was gone, but my soul too. Ripped apart along to my precious beating heart

I still remember the day you left Without a warning.. You were just gone. Living your live far away from me, taking away my happiness as i was watching with tears

But nowdays i have stopped wondering why.. why you did this. Now i just look out the window from my dark room, at the less colorful world it once was

You... My dear Created this. You have done this to me and there is no turning back as i slowly fade away with the dark

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