What if..
What if.. change stories
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mstndrt 16 y/o expressing herself through art
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What if...

Started with leaving the toxic car
Ending with a dream to become true

What if..

What if we for once step out of the car while being in trafic and just walk to where we need to go. Instead of hours sitting in cars with one or two human beings taking the air and making it slightly more toxic

You step out and walk. Passing by all the possiblities of transport. They may wonder what is someone doing outside? What is he or she going to? You became a mystery

All eyes are on you, but... Then someone came to join you on the journey. They tried to catch your attention. Asking permission, on the most silent innocent way possible. Trying to touch your hand. A soft skin against skin action. No more damage than the wind can do

You run of to your freedom. Where nature surrounds you and laughter can be heard. Birds are singing and a warm wind kindly plays with your loks

You find more people on your way. They all had the same idea. They wanted freedom. Chasing there dream and leaving the toxic. They are trying to make the world a better place, starting with themselfs

Soon you’ll be with a group. Close bonding happening while sharing secrets and opening up to them. Showing a piece of your soul. Talking about how you’ll reach the top and can look with a sastified smile on your face from ear to ear knowing you’ve made it

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