What if...
What if... ice stories

mstndrt16 y/o expressing herself through art
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Just some thoughts about light and darkness and how it affects us

What if...

What if the world was completly undone from light. Even the sun would be gone and the moon would never have shown, brighting up the night sky

But undoing the world from light would be a very hard job. Impossible to be fair. Because light is everywhere. It is a sign of hope for some and a guide for others. Light is a save place where no harm is done

From big light bulps to small fairy lights. The sun, the stars and the reflectors. In every place something will guide you to the little energies of hope

You could be the centre of it. You may just never knew. It is some odd thing when light is chapterd in a human form. They are bright and have a warm spirit

What if those bright souls need to bring back light. Bring back hope and warmth. If they work as a team and keep faith will they succeed? What if they failled?

The world would turn into ice completly. All the green nature dies, the living creatures would follow soon. As it is slowly all turning downwards. It is like an heart made of ice where suddenly all emotions are taken from

People maybe get stuck into the ice and choke on freezing cold water. Their blood stelps in their veins and they die painfully

But only what if... Think about it

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