Silent whisper
Silent whisper art stories

mstndrt 16 y/o expressing herself through art
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Silent whisper

A silent piece made by the art of love

Silent whisper

I loved reading until i met her.. I rather held a conversation with her than read the amazing books where words flow over the paper like an ocean.

Because she just sat there doing her thing and i adored it. She didn’t cared who was judging her. She looked like an real artwork. A masterpiece of the gods above

I whisper in her ear My breathe softly caresing her skin. I gave a compliment. Not the usual “you’re beautiful” wich she was sick of hearing. Instead i whisper “you ‘re my favorite artwork”

The art that people create with paint or ink or pencil are nothing compared to her. Sun glowing skin kissed by the stars. Soft hair feeling like wave of the sea against your skin.

I took a moment just looking at her. Every detail, every flaw. I saw it but fell even more in love. She was strange and unique. Exactly how i want everyone to be.

I decided capter some of the art myself. Magical. Her skin felt good against mine. Lips working together like we were made for each other. One moment i felt the real art of love. A silent whisper remained what our bodies overcame

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