Natures dangers
Natures dangers cloud stories

mstndrt 16 y/o expressing herself through art
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The dangers of natures beauty

Natures dangers

The ocean was wild, big waves going anywhere Exploding when they hit the surface of the land. Sand covered. Wind blow them in a spiral that soon my clothes and hair would follow

The sun ,gold and bright shines on everyones faces The skin glowing and smile up to their eyes. Filled with warmth and happiness. Joyfull they walk their own path minding their own bussiness

Hair a mixture of salt and sand. They are a part of you know. Sunglowing locks with a soft curl in them. The beauty of nature can’t resist to give it’s origine to you. Let you walk to the gates of heaven and end up happily ever after

But no one know what happens when the dark clouds overshadow the sun and scare away the little fluffy ones. No one realise that they are so horrible and deep down inside of me

The only path i can walk instead of home, is a circle. I am exhausted and tired but i must not stop. If i do so, i’ll never hear the end of it. I’ll never see the sun again, or hear the birds sing, feel the cold wind against my skin playing with my hair

But you could deside wheter it was my end or not. You carried a little piece of me what meant so much to me. Just a little. A small sqeeze and it was over. My pain would end

If you did so, my body would fall to the cold ground. The color would fade away, and all the living spirit would fly high up to the brighest sky. My head, what was a screaming mess would finally find peace. My body turning to stone had a while to rest, well deserved rest. That i would be thankfull for given it. After the long batlle i smile knowing i survived to the end

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