Evil mind
Evil mind mental illness stories

mstndrt16 y/o expressing herself through art
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An description of how an evil mind could effect young people or just anyone in perticulary

Evil mind

Whole your life long you had wore a heavy mask, with a fake face. Smile as bright that it could clear the cloudy sky. Were eyes have sparkled in them that easily replace the starsky late in the dark night

But there was a voice in your head... many He told you things. Truth or not, he convinced you. You aren’t good enough for society, but he would show you the right way. He would make you good enough for anyone. Everything would be alright. If you just hid. Your feelings, shutting your words inside boiling to come out. No tears or pain

You were innocent and believed him. You followed his evil guids. Your own personal guid inside of your head. Only a single touch was enough to turn you. His black soul started to grow on you.

It started to set higher. Reach more pure skin untouched and unharmed. It gave the evil power. Seeing his effect on her was amazing

She turned into one of them. Glowing eyes and night dark skin. A solid black darker than a black hole down in the deepest of space. Her smile faded away, same for the color in her

Life escaped out of her like smoke out of a open mouth while smoking a killing sigaret. The color, joy and happiness if it was somewhere deep down there.. it all was gone.

She started to fade in with the shadows. Her surroundings were slowlu becoming a piece of her. One whole picture. And soon no one will know she ever had exists

She started to turn invisable. Everyone around her was happy and would soon forget out her. She was gone. Out of this world. No pain, tears or feelings should be hiden anymore. She was free. And that all because one thing: Her evil mind

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