Loss Before the After by Stephen
Loss Before the After
by Stephen emotional stories

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For the hopelessly hopeful romantic

Loss Before the After by Stephen

The existence of an idea,

A love that will never be,

Decided on by the owners of their hearts.

A nonexistent time that will never come to pass

But exists to bring comfort

To its downtrodden creator.

A false memory of happier times.

To what do we assign the value in a memory?

validity or it’s significance?

The feeling of reality

Means nothing really to me.

For our truth exists

Regardless of what lies within this

Life of hardship and pain

Where to want is a part insane,

For to never have is a shame,

And to expect is to be fooled.

But to create,

As a symptom of the hope we instantiate,

Within our minds

within our world

And to know the difference

Means there is none.

And your love exists in this world

Without ever having taken place.

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