Imperfect Angels by Stephen
Imperfect Angels
by Stephen depression stories

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The struggles of humanity combatted by its greatest strength.

Imperfect Angels by Stephen

A heart of gold

Fighting battles fit only for angels

With perceptive eyes gleaming past all armor

To reveal our true struggles

To ourselves if not only to her

She flies above us beautifully

To show us her perfection

But falls to the ground silently

Hidden from scrutiny’s eye

To hide her forced misdirection

She fights through the thick jungle

Through vine, leaf and time

Warring for each step

Going deeper into its depth

When she comes across a crumpled figure

She gazes upon him, knowing his everything

His eyes returned hers with a sad familiarity

They shared one common conception

The same weakness, same indignity

she rose him up from his collapsed escape

And pushed him out of sight back into the vast landscape.

Before escaping into the thick vine curtain

He grabbed her arm and pulled her

And they found themselves tumbling

But with the strength of two they both could fly

And so the angels returned to on high

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