My Indian Heritage (part 2)
My Indian Heritage (part 2) funny stories

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A fraction of spice, masala and curry of my Indian life. Hope you enjoy it, I highly recommend it with some Chai! This is part 2, check my page for part one if you haven't done so already :)

My Indian Heritage (part 2)

The continuation... If you haven't read part one, please do so first :)

Madame Diamond Jalebi once braided my black, curly and frizzy hair the way my ancestors wore their hair. Yes, I'm different. I'm different to every Indian, coconut, causation or "white".

Even though I only moved to England in my teens and never grew up here and had only travelled here, it felt as though I belonged. Maybe I don't fit right in, but I never will. Yes, I'm different. I'm different to every Indian, coconut, causation or "white".

I won't ever fit back in Asia and maybe not even in the western world but just moving to England has made a place in my heart that has made me want to accept myself inside and out.

I feel like I'm truly at home here, not to say Asia wasn't great but I never belonged there as much as I do here, my life is different here and I can be whoever I want to be. I'll never ever forget my roots.

Especially since Mrs Tiger Masala always makes sure that I understand and that I don't forget where I came from, the slipper is a good enough reminder and of course the long lectures with the broken English, the endless marathons of Indian songs and movies and asking me to talk to every Desi Auntie and grandmother that I don't even know.

Even though I'll be getting my British citizenship soon I will always be proud to say that I'm Indian and that I have every Desi Auntie and grandmother at my back supporting me from God knows where, reminding me of the strong, independent and hardworking Indian women that we are.

To fight like how our ancestors fought for India during the war even when we had nothing at the time. I may not know my native language or be up to the standard of an Indian woman but that doesn't make me any less of an Indian to anybody else.

Don't be fooled just because I don't know the language. I'm an excellent dancer (not just screw screw the mangoes) and I know every Bollywood song and movie.

I'm no insipid plain tea; I'm Chai baby! No longer am I enveloped in my claustrophobic cocoon, instead I can spread my luscious wings and fly. That's the thing I love about constantly being in an identity crisis; you get the best of both worlds no matter what and even though I feel a sense of longing and home here in England.

I'll forever hear the payals ringing and the Indian drums banging when I think of home. I'll never forget both my homes or my brown roots, they'll always stick to me like the melanin in my skin and the sticky crumbs of ladoo on my cheeks. Sincerely, Miss Pal Ladoo Tikka

Translations: Desi -Indian Pal -Milk Ladoo -Type of sweet (My favorite) Chai -Masala Tea Puri -Type of food Maharaja -King Jalebi -Type of sweet (My grandmother's favorite) Mantras -Hindu readings Poojas -Prayer Payals -anklets K3G -Famous Hindi movie

THE END! Thank you for reading both Part 1 and part 2!

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