All Hail Corona!
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mspalladootikka Community member
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A dark and mystic poem of a representation of the world's current crisis. Hope you like it :)

All Hail Corona!

Wake up. Sleep . Repeat.

Who knew it could be so sickening Knowing the lives at risk and the death tolls are high How can you sleep? Locked up in cell we once called home Home is now prison Nowhere to go and no one to go to

So deathly you’ll go sane No cure so death’s the answer We are all so scared, Corona constantly haunts us...simultaneously

She’s as deadly as hell, she burns through this planet For she who ruined people's lives, money lost and money burned

Jobs lost and souls gone, for we who pray and cry for them All the times we thought it was hell we had not been more sorry

All hail our new ruler of death! How could she be any darker? If it’s already too dark to see.

By Miss Pal Ladoo Tikka Thank you for reading my poem that I wrote a while ago. :)

Stay safe and although it is dark currently in the world. I hope it gets better and that you stay positive and have hope that things will get better for whatever the situation you are in.

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