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A chilled breeze blew through my brunette hair as I walk down this abnormally long path. I'm at my most favorite place; the woods. I come here to get away from everyone, everyone hates me. I hear these really strange voices and see things that others may not; I'm a freak.. I continue walking down the stone pathway, it seemed never ending.

Lilly~ 🌷

A chilled breeze blew through my brunette hair as I walk down this abnormally long path. I'm at my most favorite place; the woods. I come here to get away from everyone, everyone hates me.

I hear these really strange voices and see things that others may not; I'm a freak.. I continue walking down the stone pathway, it seemed never ending.

Everything is silent here, as if there is no inch of life form around. My mind was fluncted as I tripped over a really big log within the pathway.

Then when getting up and dusting my knees off a tad I noticed a wood gate that looked ages old but it was see through from the outside perspective.

It didn't seem to have a lock so I opened it slowly and of course it had a creak along with it.

After opening the gate and walking inside I looked around and saw that I'm in a wild field of Lily's. It went on for acres. I decided to take a walk through the beautiful place..

I loved nature as is but yeah it was just so beautiful. Everything here was perfect. It was quiet, no one insulted me, I've just obtained a freedom no one else like me may ever have..

what a shame everyone deserves to have beauty of some sort. I walked further into the field and made my way to a tree in the distance, it was filled with cherrie blossoms.

How beautiful could this place was like I was in heaven honestly. As I made my way to the tree I noticed writing carved on the side of the trunk.

It read,"My dear I'll forever love you..forgive me, mistakes only bring you closer to hell and farther from heaven." -Adam.

,"My sweet Lilly, let the sun shine and let the rain on you so that you may blossom into something beautiful as you grow." -Tracey ..

This didn't make sense what did it mean? Lilly? Wait this is a Lilly field. Maybe they had a connection with a Lilly of some sort.

I examined the tree for any more readings and unfortunately I didn't recon anything from it. I sat down aside the tree and fiddled with my hair pending on what to do.

There's no hope left within this world, I sighed. Then I closed my eyes and begun to tear up a bit while imagining some of the mistakes I've made within my lifespan.

Back when I was a child I could've spent the most with my parents but I'd always block them out and keep myself locked away in my room for whatever purpose.

I sighed some more, then there were those times my family invited me out to do family things and I just ignored them for whatever cause I could..

I felt empty; I felt like nothing to the world around, hopeless. Why am I here..It doesn't bring any sense to me. Why do I see and hear the things I do..

? Why am I a freak? I have no friends, no body likes me, my family's probably scared of me or believes I hate them.

Why should I be here, breathing, speaking, witnessing. There isn't a purpose. School, hah.

I don't even have any friends I mean I used to back in grade school from 1st to 3rd but that was a while ago and I'm in freshman year now..

there really isn't any hope left within this world for me. I ly back then I started hearing voices again..I held my head wanting to scream but the voices just screamed back at me, they lectured.

"You're worthless..!" ,,I wanted to cry even more than I already had planned on. "You should contribute to suicide!" , "Nobody likes you!!" ,

"Stop existing.." They continued on for whoever knows how long and I just couldn't take it, I couldn't..maybe the voices were right, maybe I should. Maybe I should just end it all as they say.

It'll be the same without me anyways. I felt a tear rush down my cheek. I saw a rope on the ground it looked old but it should still have a little grip in it..

I took it and climbed up the cherry blossom tree. I took the rope and slowly laced it around my neck.

Then looked at the sky and felt the wind brush against me then took a glance down and saw a child staring at me..I hurriedly unlaced the rope from around my collar and climbed down to her.

She wore a white dress with floral print on it; looked a bit worn out and old, with brunette hair and dark brown eyes. This child was as beautiful as a lilly.. "Why were you in that tree crying?"

I glanced at her and smiled "I'm alright sweetie that was noting..I was trying to get a better glance at the field." She frowned at me "No you're not, you're in pain.

" I was quite surprised she recognized how hurt I was at that moment. She looked the age of six.

No one cares if I'm in pain though, no ones ever noticed me in pain nor has intended on doing so, But why should they care? "My name is Lilly, and I believe you are Myah.

" I thought I had felt my heart stop then I looked at her and nodded my head a tad. She smiled then said "Please don't fear me, I mean no harm to you." I smiled back at her remark.

Then sighed and looked away for a distant.

She then spoke aloud, "You are a torn teenager that all of those around you have broken maybe more than once, you feel out of shape and worthless to all. Helpless and maybe even unrealistic.

You're worth something Myah, everyone is wrong, don't listen to anyone that has negative income on you. You are beautiful Myah, never forget that.

" My eyes began to tear up, I had never heard such nice things spoke to me before. It made me feel unique and wanted.

I could feel the ice that surrounds my heart begin to melt away like it had never been there at the start after what Lilly had said to me. Then I look at her "I'm not beautiful.."

Lilly then looked at me and smiled "Of course you are because you're an angel,and angels are beautiful beings." My eyes widened at the word "angel". I glanced at her ,"I'm not an angel though.

" Lilly glanced at me for a moment then took my arms and flipped them over revealing my scars, "See" she said while referring to my scars. "You're an angel.

" I then removed my wrists from her hands and hid my cuts and scars from her, I felt embarrassed and exposed. I then mumbled "I did those on my own Lilly.

" She just smiled some more ,"I know that's why you're an angel from the heavens." I looked at her "what do you mean by I'm an angel?"

She smirked and said "I was once told by my mother that people who have scars and cuts are angels.

The angels want to go back home because the world is too cruel for their kind hearts, so they try to find a way to get back home.

" She then haulted for a moment then looked away and smiled "My mommy and daddy were angels, but they had already returned home.

" I glanced at Lilly confused for a moment but then realized what she had meant by that. "How did they go back home Lilly?"

Lilly was quiet for a moment then spoke, "The same way you tried to go back home."

My eyes widened, her mother and father had commuted suicide together, and abandoned her into this hell of a terrible. I was getting overwhelmed by sorrow and emotions for Lilly.

I can see why she stopped me from doing the suicidal things I was going to contribute doing,,because of her parents.

I then pulled Lilly into a meaningful hug while feeling deathly sorry for her; poor girl. Lilly placed her head on my chest while hugging me still.

My thoughts were interrupted when she said, "Don't worry though Myah..I'm with my family again.

" I then look at Lilly, "What do you mean?" Before Lilly could reply I felt someone slap me into reality.

"Myah get up you're going to be late for school, ugh you need to go to bed earlier than you do, now hurry up!" ....

I looked around my room being happy to be alive and also a bit upset about my dream, I just felt so sorry for her..

what had happened to her when her parents disappeared, did she have friends? Was she alone like me? My thoughts were halted by my mother yelling for me to get dressed and hurry for school.

Another day in hell, then I whispered "I'll see you in heaven Lilly." I dressed myself, then looked in the mirror..ugh I'm not beautiful..

" I then turned the lights off and took one last glance to the side then the mirror and then something in the mirror silhouetted into a little girl and she smiled at me,

and I smiled back knowing who it was.

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