A Lover's Plea
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A Lover's Plea

by msgldys

I wonder if she knows about me. Out of nowhere...

did she ever had a thought, I was once in his broken heart

For years I have saved my heart for a person I thought

was worthy.

She loves him. He loves her. Either way it breaks me.

Unfair as it may seem. I was here, faithfully standing

beside his pierced heart.

For no reason laid, I was left in the dark.

Cold night is about to come my dear.

Do you remember every word you have uttered, days before you

forgot my voice?

Every page of the book we have written?

Have you neglected the possibility of our Universe at 40’s?

Is there anybody out there who can hear my heart’s screams?

We were of two different worlds.

But when our minds collided.We had the fascinating supernova

I cannot take back time.

Most precious commodity I cannot fathom.

His happiness, I desire most.

I slowly let my heart stay adrift amongst the pain.

Farewell my dear Romeo, may this kiss reaches you

To the maiden who got his eyes,

know how to save your heart from his charm.

Nostalgic night for me…

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