Once upon a time
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First chapter (should I continue? )

Once upon a time

*Life is unpredictable. Some things are choices. But most of the things are results of the things chosen by us before. Every choice counts.*                         

People are born with many things. Most of them appreciate them while others ignore them and at last lose them.         I'm Leto, which means the-hidden-one in Greek. I know that it sounds weird. Well, my parents love Greek mythology. Hopefully, you get what I mean.

But when you are born with a lot of nice things (excluding the name) and then you get two annoying little sisters, things get a bit annoying. But till recently I didn't understand that I will seriously miss them if they aren't around. It happened like this.

My mom wanted me to go to school which is said to be better than the one I already attend. It happened to be near my grandparents' house. So they wanted me to move there. I mean, switching schools is one thing, but switching homes? 😓

  I have lived too much time as the only child and I kind of depend on them even more than my little sisters do. So it totally sent me over the edge. 😣 "Mom, please tell me that you are kidding. I can't live there all alone!" Mom sighed and rubbed her nose.

"Honey, you are growing up and one day you will have to live alone. And you will not be alone .You have your grandparents with you. There will be a lot of new friends too! Isn't that exciting?" Oh, yeah. Very exciting. "You have to learn to be more independent than this, darling......."

Well, the usual drill. The thing is, my parents are psychologists and they usually lecture more than normal parents do. Which means they lecture a lot. There was no use of arguing because my parents were determined to make me more 'accommodating' to the society. So I had to go over there. 😑

   It was a sunny day and I spent a lot of time packing. There was a lot of things to pack, you know, moving from your home means a lot of packing. So it was nearly three p. m. when we started the journey. Yeah, I know. 🙄 I should have packed my makeup the day before and the clothes a month before and shoes two weeks before and so and so. But I'm not one of those people who are very organized.

I tried to block out my little sisters' excited screams by plugging in headphones and stared out of the glass. It was actually a village. A place where you do not expect to see an oh-so-good school.

  I mean, not a village like hens & ducks & cows & farms. But the environment was nice and I liked it at first sight. Everything was gloomy looking because it was sun set. Yet it made me wonder whether the day light could do much difference there.

     My grandparents are very warm people and they were very happy to see us. My sisters started screaming and laughing and running all around the place. Well, that's what they usually do. I am the calm one. 😌

  I went towards the room which I was supposed to live. My grandparents have a very old mansion. It is kind of a place where you get this feeling that in any second you would bump in to a wandering ghost. It looked right out of a horror movie. 😨

    My room had large windows with glass panes and I was fascinated by the sight of the sea. But then I remembered that in books, usually people who are about to meet a ghost always get the room with large windows which show the sea.

I went downstairs. My family was there and my bags were taken from the vehicle. Dad helped to take them upstairs and mom helped with unpacking which was almost impossible with my little sisters trying to 'help', which is them trying to sort out my clothes by laying all of them on the floor. 😩

            After unpacking, the room looked fine enough. It was painted in a dark shade of pink and I had stuck glow - in -dark stars in the ceiling. After some time, my parents had to go as there was some important meeting or something for them.

Which is not surprising as they have almost half a dozen of meetings and appointments for a day. They are at home as much as the days that my sisters don't pull pranks on me, which is really rare.😕

"Be careful darling. Don't go wandering about. You will get lost."         Mom thinks that it is very dangerous to wander alone for children (even who are eighteen and can look after themselves) so I have never

been sent out alone when we were living in the town and I have become more of an indoor person because of that. My mom keep forgetting that I'm eighteen years old and not eighteen months old. Or it may be because parents see their kids as small children even they are seventy years old.

"Mom, do NOT forget to feed Lady Katherine and be careful not to add sugar for her milk."        By the way, Lady Katherine is my cat. Guess I inherited my parents' ability to name people weirdly. "All right, baby. I will not. I'm gonna miss you a lot."

My mom started sniffing. My sisters grabbed at my headband and ran to the vehicle. 😡 "Have fun!" Dad ruffled my hair. "Darling don't forget to call us, ok?" Mom said hugging me tight. I had to fight back tears and after a lot of hugs and kisses, they left.

I waved till they disappeared. I was left with an empty feeling.😢 "Apple pie, you look so tired. Go and have a wash so you can go to bed early."           Granny said putting a hand around my shoulders.

    My granny has this habit of calling me by names of food and desserts and sometimes it gets out of hand. I mean, imagine your granny calling you 'fruit & nut ice cream with a lot of nuts and a cherry on the top' in front of your friends.

      Talk about nightmares. 😑           I climbed the staircase. It creaked under my weight. It looked as if a storm has passed through. I slowly went towards my room with a heavy heart.

I missed them. I missed my mom tiding my room when I least want and worrying too much about me. I missed my dad ruffling my hair and I missed his laugh. I missed my two sisters trying to annoy me and succeeding. 😳

           The bathroom looked ancient and elegant at the same time. The large mirror had a stone frame around it and the floor was dark and solid. I let the warm water sooth me despite the fact that it was one of the coldest places I have ever set foot

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