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Two hours. It's been two hours since the woman with blonde locks cascaded below her waist matching her midnight black irises--Karen, one of my best friends,


Package and Dreams

Two hours.

It's been two hours since the woman with blonde locks cascaded below her waist matching her midnight black irises--Karen, one of my best friends, was talking about his good for nothing boyfriend, or now I must say her ex-boyfriend.

I was not complaining as one of my best friends practically filled in my part to talk in our small and unplanned grown-up slumber party.

I didn't have any complaints, I was sure of it but the moment she uttered the exact sentence for the umpteenth time, I sure thought of a word of protest.

"I am not going to cry anymore for him, '' Karen sniffed, wiping the black liquid from her smudged mascara that tainted her cheeks from the tears rolling down from her eyelids.

Then she said it again. I sighed but didn't utter a word.

Snacks of different kinds splattered on the humble living room of Rosemarie's apartment, who was already sleeping on the couch, mouth slightly opened.

I bet the woman was in the comfort of happy dreams from how her lips stretched into a little smile. That friend of hers was sleeping two hours ago as well.

Bottles of beer and wine were on the side. Buckets of ice with unopened drinks were beside it.

I badly wanted to sleep not because I was tipsy or near to that but my body was weighing me down a little from too much stress that I got to drink only two shots of alcohol.

It's not like I drank more than five all my life. My body had a low tolerance for alcohol.

I could drink past that limit but I don't deal with my stress using alcohol or any sort of related substances. Thinking alone and sleeping was fine with me.

The truth was I could ditch the small three-person party but didn't have the heart to do so from the continuous sobbing of Karen on the other line earlier.

I knew the strong and sassy friend of mine needed them—me.

For that reason, I didn't voice out a word of my tiredness or stress from work and let Karen speak out her concerns, complaints, and emotions bottled up in her for her douchebag so-called boyfriend that cheated on her with some blonde also. Rosemarie and she just listened to her attentively.

My affairs were not important. That's what I believed. Everyone my age, no, every human being experiences stress from anything. It is normal.

I watched her drink the bottle with still half the content of the liquid in one gulp, swaying.

"I really love this drink" Karen murmured, squinting his eyes to the bottle, bringing her face closer as if she was looking for a fish inside.

A smile appeared on my lips. Despite Karen being drunk and all, her love for drinks was still visible.

"Let's just stay single for the rest of our lives! The three of us!" Karen exclaimed, raising the bottle towards the ceiling like she was persuading a group of men for rebellion.

I wanted to have at least one boyfriend to tell off on my list, Karen. The sentence hangs only in my mind.

"Yup, let's do that" I stood up, curling my arms around Karen's waist and placing her arms to my shoulder, ushering her to move straight to the white door in the corner.

Sending Karen on a mattress or any comfortable sleeping place became a skill for me and Rosemarie that in spite of Karen's stumbling and wobbly foot, I can still push her to walk until I twisted the door, completely ignoring the imperceptible hushed tone of my friend.

I put the thick blanket on her, shifting her head comfortably to the pillow.

With one last glance at her, I stepped outside and started cleaning our mess before putting the light blue comforter on the floor of the living room.

A breath of relief came out from me as soon as my back touched the warm and thick, quilted, fluffy blanket. I bought it a year ago for the same reason why I was lying on the floor—to be my bed.

The small apartment of Rosemarie had little furniture. And Karen always takes the bed whenever they have a drink and Rosemarie on the couch.

There's no space for me as I was the most likely to fall asleep late and stood on my foot while the two were knocked out.

No space, no problem. I made one for myself--somewhere in the living room.

A smart move from me.

The thick material covered my body, sending warmness at me. I stare at the white, plain ceiling, pondering the same questions that linger on my brain for so long.

What does it feel like to have a boyfriend? What is love? How's loving a stranger different from the love you felt for your family? I want to know.

I wanted to fall in love so badly that left me thinking that maybe that was the condition. The more you want something, the more the universe will not give you one.

I sighed. A sigh mixed with tiredness from thinking and waiting. The perfect silence then aided me little by little until I gave in to sleep.

Fast into my sleep, an image of a cubicle full of papers and folders appeared. I saw myself sitting in a swivel chair wearing a long black fitted skirt and long sleeves polka dots maroon blouse.

There's no way I will wear that blouse again. Around me were my coworkers in their desks, chattering to each other that I cannot decipher. It seems like they are talking but no sound.

In a blink, the once bright light of the settings of my humble cubicle in work shifted into a small building made of glass but with limited structures.

The front part where the main door was located was the only thing I could perceive now. A tall, well-built man wearing a black coat opened the door, glancing around until his eyes met my own.

I gasp whether in reality but I sure catch my breath in my dreams. Tall. Dark hair. Blue eyes. The scuff of trimmed beard.

The mysterious man spoke something but I couldn't hear it nor understood it. What is he saying?

The man smiled at me before a loud bugle sound rang in my ears, bringing me to sit at once. A swirling sensation hit me as soon as my body was upright that lasted for a second.

My hand crawled up to the phone on the floor above my comforter. The word 'Sister' was registered on it. What does she want early in the morning? Oh, it was not early.

It was already 9:00 in the morning! Thank god, today is my day off cause if not, I will be running to the office with this appearance. Kidding. As if I will do that.

I looked down at my crumpled plain white t-shirt and track pants. There's no need to check my hair.

I'm 100% sure that my plain, boring, and dry black hair was displaying a direct example of a nest. Not to mention its frizzy strands.

After pressing the green icon, I raised it to my ears, glancing around. I frown, not seeing Rosemarie on the couch.

"Thank you for early disturbing my day off" I sarcastically stated, yawning. I still wanted to sleep and check out the man in my dreams.

Well, it's not like it was usual to have a man in a person's dream? Well, is it normal or it's just me who still didn't have one until just a while ago?

"It's my pleasure" the soft and light voice of my sister came from the other line.

I rolled my eyes. "What is it?"

"I need a favor"

This woman should be thankful that I am naturally born with so much great empathy in my body which I am not thankful for on some days and I love her as my sister.

This woman was basically my other best friend.

"Spill it out, young Miss"

"I need you to go to Peet's Coffee at 9:30 this morning and picked the package from someone"

I raised a brow "You're telling me this when it's already 9:08? Are you nuts?That's 12 minutes from Rosemarie's apartment which gives me 20 minutes already and newsflash, I'm still not brushing my teeth while were speaking"

This woman was crazy. I wanted to smack her but as if I could do that. She was older than me. Eyes rolling 180 degrees on my socket, I went to the sink, brushing my teeth.

"Thanks for the calculation but I'm aware of that and I also knew you are in your track pants and t-shirt. He was just a stranger, no need to dress. Trust me" As if that helps me.

The dress or my appearance was not the issue here but the time. Let's just say I'm a freak about the time that I went to every meeting 5-10 minutes before the actual call time. And the loud thumping of her heart was next in a cue if I was not there on time. That habit was hard to break, I swear.

"Why can't you let that guy deliver this in your home?" annoyance was in my voice. I mean who wouldn't?

"Well, I'm not home. I'm in Oakland right now"

This woman was shrugging, I can tell that.

"Let me guess, your not-so-good mother-in-law called you there?"

My sister was already two years married.

And by the time I spent, I mean intentionally spent on their home that always ends up on the mother in law to visit unannounced as well made me realize that the old woman isn't that fond of my sister.

I am not worried for her. Why? Because that woman was my sister. I knew her to the bones and I can bet my only owned small house that she will not let that mother-in-law bully her.

Sam, the husband of my sister will not also let that happen because if he does, my father will literally drag my sister and file himself the divorce papers. Our father was that overprotective.

I will count myself on that plan.

"She's been good to me lately and honestly I really don't care. You know me, I would choose to work than anywhere to be here but I knew Sam wanted to go even though he said we can't. I'm doing this for him"

I swear I heard a long inhale after that. A cackle left my lips.

"Yeah, whatever you said. You will treat me after this, you get it?"

"Noted, now drive there and get my package"

A thought came to me. This woman didn't give me a damn description of the man.

"Wait! What does he look like?" I asked, folding the comforter and placing it in the corner of the wall.

"I don't know but his name was James Davis. Anyways, as soon as you saw a man with a box in his hand. He was the one"

"Thank you for the ever so detailed description" Sarcasm never left my voice early in the morning and this woman was to be blamed.

To be continued......

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