Kiss her.
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Do I kiss her? On the lips?

Kiss her.

Do I kiss her?

On the lips?

Is it too soon?

Maybe a handshake?

No. No handshake.

I'll kiss her. Her cheek. Her right cheek.

Thank God for cheeks.

Fuck. She's breathtaking.

I can't kiss her.

How about a hug? Yes! A hug.

Thank God for hugs.

Smart. She's kind, too. And ambitious.

And she happens to be beautiful?

No way

can this be real.

Kiss her. Kiss her! Kiss. Her.


I can't kiss her.

Not with my hand

gushing like Niagara Falls

"Look! Another bakery. Let's go inside!"

She and I are

the same person.

Kiss her

in the bakery?

A first kiss

in a cow park?

Yes! I'll kiss her now.

But, then again,

this cow park cuddle

is just so perfect.

Kiss her. Kiss her! Kiss her, you fool. Kiss. Her.

"Where ya going?"

"... to kiss a girl"

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