Ultimate Cost By: Martin Newkirk
                   Ultimate Cost

             By: Martin Newkirk love stories
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Drugs destroy families

Ultimate Cost By: Martin Newkirk

When it was introduced into our lives, We never knew the true cost. Now we can see it was very exspensive, When we count everything we have lost.

As I walk through this empty house, I start to remember all the noise. I hear homework, and dinner, first days of school, And fits about cleaning rooms ,and picking up toys.

I hear all the times they needed a hug, When they fell and hurt their pride. And all the days we fought with them, When they slammed their doors and cried.

All the times they fought amongst themselves, Just absolutley refusing to get along. I hear the cries when we took a privelage away, When they had done something wrong.

I hear the excitement of a sleepover , The times they had made a new friend. And all the family vacation moments, That we never wanted to end. I recall all the birthdays ,and christmas times, The excitement on their faces you could tell.

I hear cries from getting their feelings hurt, As one of us would yell. I hear them yelling at us cause they were scared, Those days, when all we did was fight. And being rowdy, and refusing to go to bed, Until we tucked them in, and said goodnight.

I hear the cries when we had just lost a pet, Who was big and fluffy and white. I hear the yells, confusion, and screams of fear, As the police smashed in that night.

Now this empty house is quiet as can be, No more homework, dinner, or arguing over the tv. No more bedtimes, or report cards, Or all of those talks that end in hugs. No more Tooth fairy, or Santa claus, Just how exspensive were those drugs?

No more latenight cuddletime, When it was just me and you. There is no more talks and dreams, About all the things we'd like to do. There is no more goodbye kisses, When everyone is leaving for the day. No more "goodnight I love you's"! Was the price we had to pay.

Now I'm all alone in this quiet house, As I remember all the things that I have lost. Just how exspensive were those drugs, Cause I've paid the ultimate cost.

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