To The Girl Who Broke His Soul
To The Girl Who Broke His Soul stories

mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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She left him thinking he'll be fine, little did she know she turned him into something even her own cold heart can't control.

To The Girl Who Broke His Soul

by mrx

To the girl who broke his soul, KNOW that you’re cursed.

Such a heart he had.

You ruined it into nothingness.

He loves so deeply.

He trusts in his love.

Which makes you trust in it even more.

I don’t know what happens to a man with such a capability of giving,

If you betray him,

Which you did.

Lose 5 dollars and you can shake it off.

But lose your home and you’re devastated for a while.

This man’s love is as big as the biggest home.

He touched you in ways that you can never forget.

And even if you say you forgot,

I know you’re lying.

Will you come to your senses,

When you realize how hard it is to come by someone so caring?

And when you do,

Will it be too late?

Because I think it will.

It’s fine if it was your choice to let him go.

But how will another deserving girl feel his intensity

After you broke his soul?

I watch him sometimes.

Because I care.

And what he has become

Is so unfair.

He’s with girls who only know him for his surface

Because that’s all he ever shows.

And whenever he’s about to open up to a girl

As he moves her hair away from her eyes,

He stops.

He stops and kills the part of him that feels.

Because you killed the part of him that feels.

I’m envious of you.

Because you got to feel the real him.

And I’m sad at the same time.

Because it’s sad what you did with it.

To the girl that comes next,

Please understand him.

PLEASE understand that he hurts.

Please understand that he loves with no boundaries.

And if you think he’s a player.

It’s only because you haven’t seen how able he is to give.

Not money but LOVE.

It’s over-whelming.

And you might run away.

But if you don’t.

And if you stay.

Nurture his love.

It may be the kind of love we need for world peace.

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