I don’t even know anymore
I don’t even know anymore stories

mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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It’s not being a lone that kills, it’s the loneliness.

I don’t even know anymore

going back to to the days when things weren’t so sore

how the simple act of drinking water wasn’t as much of a chore

I’m latching onto every peace of happiness from before

because all I ever feel right now is like a worthless whore

Not because I’ve had so many sexual partners

But because of the amount of times that life has fucked me over and over again

Maybe I’m responsible

Maybe I’m responsible for it all

Maybe life is fair but I just haven’t learned to navigate through it accordingly

Maybe you get what you put in

But up until this day

I still sometimes wonder

Do I deserve this?

Or am I just being gifted?

Gifted with the necessary pain

To pave a way that will lead me to places I could have never gone to before

Either way, I’m tired

I just want to love and not necessarily in a romantic way

I just want to connect

It hurts a lone

Because the only thing that keeps me company are the whispers of my mind

But even they sometimes disappear

The silence is deafening

But I am here

Even if you don’t hear or see me

Acknowledge me, feel me

I need it more than you could ever imagine

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