and to not be sad
and to not be sad stories
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mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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what we do to end the pain

and to not be sad

i had to sacrifice being happy

because to not feel one emotion

i had to be okay with not feeling any emotion

i know that that’s not okay but

if you were in my position you’d understand

you’d understand when you realize how intolerable the pain is

do I miss being happy, smiling?

Yes, always

I always wonder how it’d feel if I could smile to the joke I just heard

I always wonder if it’d make me connect with people better

But I know that smile will cost me a tear

and I know that my pain will last an entire night

but the smile lasts for just a second

so I made the deal, alright?

don’t judge me, I made it

I said; take my soul but just end my pain

and that’s exactly what happened

to all of you who think I don’t care, I do.

I care more than you can ever imagine

Don’t get me wrong, I can still feel, it’s just that the feelings don’t affect me anymore

I can still tell that you’re sad, I just won’t wipe your tears anymore

Not because I don’t care, it’s just that I sold my soul..

feelings don’t affect me anymore

but I’m still here and I still love you

Even behind that serious face, I want you to know that..

somewhere inside there is a smile, I just lost the ability to show it

Don’t be afraid

I’m here

It’s me

I’m just no longer the same.

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