A Sun Without Light
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mrx"Light from a burning bridge”.
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Ever lived in a world where everyday is night?

A Sun Without Light

by mrx

I’ve become desensitized

Desensitized to it all

And that may seem bad

But it’s a double edged sword

Because although I can’t feel the butterflies in my stomach

When I see you smile

I also can’t feel the misery

When I watch you cry

I guess my body gave up

It had to put a stop to it all

And the only way to stop feeling the pain

Was to stop feeling as a whole

I miss when I could look out the window

See the sun

And feel alive

But now..

Now, even if I become the sun

Or actually wait..

You don’t want that

If I become the sun

Say goodbye to the light

Because it’ll always be night.

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