Trouble At The Ministry (Part Two)
Trouble At The Ministry (Part Two) harry potter stories

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A big raid will happen soon.

Trouble At The Ministry (Part Two)

As Hermione apparated into the ministry, she knew that Delphi would target the ministry first. She immediately went to the Auror's office where the emergency flare was located. There together with Harry, who was Head of The Auror's fired the flare. This would signal all Aurors and Magical Law Enforcement Squads to return to the ministry.

Soon after, members of the DA were assigned to squads where they began destroying Death Eater strongholds. Realising that they could not use the Order of the Phoneix they decided the former DA room would become their headquarters and would work as members of Dragon.

"Harry, we believe that Lucius might be back. We are conducting a raid and Draco has decided to help us. We have recalled the DA as well for this will be a big raid," Hermoine told Harry as they walked towards the lake at Hogwarts. Ron who was listening piped up "It might be a Death Eater hideout."

As the DA got closer to the mansion, a bright orange wand flare was cast by Draco. The code is known only by Death Eaters and Malfoy Family. As the iron gates swung open a trio of Death Eaters came out to greet him. The DA all using disillusion charms silently stunned them. Neville knowing that once they entered through the gates, all forms of magical concealment would disappear.

"Confringo!" Neville, Dean and Dennis Creevey brother of Colin Creevey shouted. Unleashing a row blast at the manor. Inside Lucius had heard the blasts and gave the order to attack. Death Eaters rushed out stunning Dean and killing two Aurors.

Harry who was duelling three masked Death Eaters at once noticed that part of the left-wing of the house was untouched, suspecting that the Death Eaters were housing something there he directed part of the raiding party towards the left-wing.

When Harry, Geroge and Ron blasted the wing, it grew reinforced metal beams from the ground. Harry unleashed the dark magic Dumbledore and Moody had taught him during their secret lessons." Protengo Diabloica!" shouted Harry as he cast the blue flames towards the walls. This spell used by Grindelwald broke through the wall and blasted something inside.

Delphini, who was Voldermort's daughter could feel that Nagani's soul who had died was restructured by her was under attack. Using the charm of the fire dragon Harry saw Nagani rushing at him. Delphi had something to restructure things

As Nagani approached Harry Lucius Malfoy, who knew that he would lose this battle, decided to retreat with Nagani, touching the new dark mark which had been branded into him, he disappeared to the old Riddle house.

Luckily, Hermione and part of the DA had managed to kill several of the Death Eaters while Lucius had escaped with a few Death Eaters, they now joined Harry who was still in shock. Hermione who was staring intently at the left-wing said"Before Dumbledore died he said that there were seven Horcruxes, but Delphini had managed to restructure Nagani meaning a more powerful object was behind it.

Hi everyone, hoped you liked the story. Sorry for a typo in my first chapter, Battle of the Burrow where Delphi should be spelt as Delphini. Thks for reading

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