The Battle Of The Burrow
The Battle Of The Burrow harry potter stories

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Part One of the third wizarding war!

The Battle Of The Burrow

As Molly brought out the hot chicken pie, a stunning spell flew over her head and crashed into the ceiling. Surprised, she dropped the pot pie on to the floor. Upon hearing her scream, Harry and Ron rushed out to investigate the cause. However, before they could step into the lawn, five Death Eaters came running towards them.

Luckily, the entire Defence Association was at the Burrow in celebration of the defeat of Voldemot. Pulling out their wands, they duelled with their surprise guests.

Grabbing a handful of mandrakes from the Burrow's backgarden, Neville put on his mufflers and rushed to the entrance of the burrow. Without missing a beat, the herbology whiz grabbed a mandrake and lobbed it over the advancing giant.

Ever since the Second Wizarding War, the Burrow was the hiding place for the reseruction stone, it was protected by a group of young students fom Hogwarts known only as the Dragons. They were the descendants of the Defence Association and Order of the Phoenix.

The small plant sailed through the air. As it did so, it let out a deafing scream. Five death eaters were dead before the mandrake sacrificed itself, saving all the wizards present at the Burrow.

Meanwhile, the Burrow's defences were crumbling. Luna was on the losing side against a masked Death Eater. Ginny, on the other hand, stunned Rudolpus and turned to help Luna.

Just then, Lucius Malfoy swept in and started duelling Kingsley Shackelbolt and Professor Slughorn. Avery rushed to help his master by stunning Slughorn. However, Molly Weasley, angered that the Death Eaters had attacked her home, challenged Avery to a duel.

Infuriated by the Death Eaters arrival, Rose and Hugo, both members of the Dragons, apparated into the second-storey house and duelled the remaining Death Eaters.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were all duelling when suddenly, all the remaning Death Eaters disappeared. Alarmed, Hermoine, turned to Harry and Ron and suggested, "We better moblise the DA and Aurours, Delphi is back!" With that, she apparated back to the Ministry.

Mystified by the sudden change, Harry and Ron decided to inform their families about the Third Wizarding War.

Thanks for reading. I will write more soon. Thanks bookworm_asturm for the idea, if you have any extra ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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