Harry Potter Triva (Part 3)
Harry Potter Triva (Part 3) hp stories

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Voldermot triva.

Harry Potter Triva (Part 3)

Fact One Voldermot can possess living creatures. Few witches and wizards have the ability to possess living things, but it’s one of Voldemort’s many skills. While characters like Professor McGonagall and Sirius Black can transform into animals, the Dark Lord’s ability is different. He inhabits creatures that are separated from him instead of transforming

The best example of this is Nagini, the snake that Voldemort also used as a Horcrux. During one memorable instance of animal possession, Harry sees Nagini attacking Arthur Weasley through the eyes of the snake. He was only able to do that because the dark lord was possessing her. Otherwise, Harry never would have known how to save Arthur.

Fact Two Voldermot was only 16 when he made a Horcrux. Voldemort got into dark magic at a very young age. Before he had even graduated from Hogwarts, he had already created his first Horcrux. That Horcrux was also the first to be destroyed, in the Chamber of Secrets. It was Tom Riddle’s own diary, and it’s what started Dumbledore on his quest to find the other Horcruxes.

This first Horcrux was created by the killing of Moaning Myrtle, which Voldemort did with the Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets. This was likely the first person that he ever killed. Obviously, it wasn’t even close to the last, but it helps explain why Myrtle’s role in the story is so pivotal.

Fact Three Voldermot can fly WITHOUT a broomstick! Wizards fly on brooms or apparate. Those seem to be their two main forms of transportation. Because Voldemort is such a powerful wizard, though, he came up with a third method — flying. Voldemort’s ability to fly only makes him more terrifying, although he only really uses that power once in the books.

Still, it comes in handy as he gives chase to Harry. It’s an ability that further proves Voldemort’s power. Even as he amasses these abilities though, he remains unable to grasp what he lacks. Having power doesn’t always mean you’re powerful, and Voldemort has a tendency to equate the two.

Bonus Fact Four Voldermot and Lily both received medals fo magical merit. The most obvious connection between Voldemort and Lily Potter is that he is responsible for her death. There’s another connection between them, though, that is a little less obvious.

Apparently, both he and Lily were such extraordinary spellcasters during their time at Hogwarts that they received medals for Magical Merit. Voldemort proved himself to be more powerful than Lily, but that ultimately didn’t save him. It was Lily’s love, and her willingness to throw herself in front of her child, that was his undoing. Lily may have died at his hand, but it was she who had the last laugh.

Hai, fans so this is the third part of the Harry Potter Triva, I dunno how long this will go but I will release the last story with all the links with it. (Provided J.K Rowling stops writing :) So pls like and follow.

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