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mrsunderstood Searching for clairty between the ears.
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Silence can either be the answer or avoidance. I suppose I over think the gesture.


I know you hear me talking. In fact, you say I yell. Forgive me as I analyze the contemplation you tell so well.

Is it safe to say that hesitation shows your character? As it has never lied to me. Can I assume the silent gesture is a mere onslaught of ideas, a deep thought, a time per say, that allows the heart and head to process our inner spirituality?

Can the silent language connect our souls and communicate a universal understanding, even at a loss for words? Can I hope for the best and hear the music in your unsaid words?

Oh, these silly games we play. I may need a code to decipher, if you get any quieter and perhaps a moment to comprehend your involvement. I do have to mention, you’ve captured my attention. Intriguing you be and the effect you have on me. Engaging my senses and mixing my intentions.

Can you teach me a lesson in Common Law tort, as the right to silence is the best words of sorts?

Positive and negative, I understand your fickle ways. I need your higher frequency to amplify the intensity of my complacency. Even if only to keep the hush in secrecy...

Will you share your thoughts with me? Clarify any misunderstandings? Deliberate, disinterested or attitude, perhaps?

There I go, polluting assumptions. I’m sure if I held my breath, I would possibly turn green. I guess you’ve said all that you have to say? Silence, just tell me. What do you mean?

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