Conversation at a Funeral
Conversation at a Funeral fiction stories

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a conversation at a funeral.

Conversation at a Funeral

"Let's talk about him." The older one of the two spoke, interrupting the solemn silence.

"No." The young girl's fists clenched instinctively.

"Why not?" The woman forced her waxy face into a smile.

"It brings back bad memories." The girl wrapped her beige shawl around her tightly, as if the thin cotton fabric could protect her from whatever.

"How long do you plan on ignoring everything about him? The first rays of sun revealed that smile was now gone.

"The rest of my life, if necessary." Under the careless expression that the girl tried so hard to hold, a glimmer of emotion was starting to show.

"And what will you achieve then?" The smile was back on, but this time it was impatient. It was almost like a knife, waiting to cut the girl if she gave the wrong answer.

"Bliss." The cliche answer to a cliche question.

"Fine. Do you at least plan on attending his funeral?"

The word funeral sent a wave of shivers down the young girl's spine. A lark started singing.

"No." The girl pressed her lips until they were nothing but a thin line.

"He's your father!" The word father was not the suitable term, in fact it was the last noun the girl would place upon the now dead man.

"So? He did nothing good for me."

"He's still your father."

"And you're just as ignorant as him." Chin tilted upwards, the girl knowingly emphasized her voice so it would sound haughty.

"You don't get to talk to me that way." The women's eyes squinted. A trace of anger placed itself upon her face.

"Well, I do now since you did nothing to stop him." The lark's singing got louder, almost irritating.

"I'm doing everything I can to save you. Why can't you see that?"

"Don't you dare say that! If the police learn what he did, you'll be punished and you know that. You're saving your own ass.

" As the word "police" left her mouth, the woman, for the first time in many years, showed fear.

"You are being dramatic. It was a one time thing. And I genuinely want to help you." Alas, the words were weak and empty.

"Yes it was one time! And it ruined my one life!" The sounds the lark made were nothing short of shouting.

"You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't let a silly feud between you and your father take that away. Forgive him and-"

"It isn't a silly feud!" The memory of "things" didn't make the girl wince as they used to.

"He... His intentions were good." No, they weren't.

"If they were, he would've stopped it when I started screaming. He touched me where he shouldn't have and you still protect him.

" The lark was choking itself, trying to force out sounds it couldn't produce.

"He wanted to fix you."

"Fix what? I'm not and never was broken." The girl had heard this line from a song. Or was it a movie? She sincerely couldn't remember.

"He's dead now, if that's what you wanted."

"That doesn't fix anything." The girl was right.

"Fine then, be an ungrateful bitch and do whatever you want.

You are ruining your life and you'll get nowhere, no fucking where if you continue to act like this!

" The words were like the climax of a magnificent concerto, booming out with such power and audacity.

"I'm leaving." Who knew that two words could have a great impact? Not the woman.

"I- I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean those awful things.

I'm just under a lot of stress and-" And as it happens with concertos, the woman's words got softer and kinder, and finally left its place to silence.

"I'll see you."

"Goodbye then." A choke was heard. The singing stopped.

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