Scarred and Abused




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mrscastor 19 Years Young
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What you did to me...

Scarred and Abused

I spend my time constantly evaluating myself like i'm not good enough.

I hesistate now to open my mouth, as if there will be a consequence to what I have to say, whether its standing up for myself or not.

I hesistate to hangout with my friends, is there a consequence to that too? Am I allowed to see anyone else, but you? Can I ever talk to anyone without it being a big issue?

Do you know what its like to look yourself in the mirror and second guess yourself? To stand there and ponder whether life is worth existing?

Am I even good enough to be loved? Who could love someone as fucked up as me? Is the scared I wear on my heart and sleeve something I should hide away? Is it okay to feel the way I do, everyday?

Mentally, im broken but picking up my pieces.

Who would have known love can make you so blind. Everyone always told me the damage was being done but I always said “itll get better, he will change.”

Sometimes you need to accept the fact it wont get better, and he wont change. You need to open your eyes and see what is truly happening before its too late.

Save yourself before you are hurt and broken, like me...

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