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Random Sceneries

Barely 7 A.M., it was a joyride in the freeway

The coin's side coincide as for this day

It seems like, we will go around while I'll sit tight

As this sea-like scenery's about to see light

I'm feeling very sleepy but I think I will be fine

Maybe I'm thinking deeply while we're on the line

In the meantime, It's the first meal time of the day

Time to quench this guts before I start this day

7/11 may be simple but the poison of theirs fume me

'Cause they have this view which is truly surprising

And you know, I can't measure the beauty

The nature & heaven are simply amazing

I thought I can only glimpse a piece of it

But homie this shit sue me, truly off-beat

'Cause I saw its bigger picture nearly afternoon

As it left me hoping that it'll be summer soon

In this peaceful little garden-like quadrangle

It feels so perfect I can't intercept any odd angle

Then, my reminiscing starts to show desire

The art of instrumentals and its lyrics flow in fire

This whole afternoon was bursting of memories

Happiness, sadness & anger are torturing all melodies

Man, this peaceful place is dazzling in a blissful way

Telling me that anything's free if you just crisp your day

Maybe 'round 4 or 5 is the same as do or die

Skaties mount for more rides just to rail & flew from heights

I was feelin' bummed so much but they're really fun to watch

Like they're telling me, "there is still a sun to crunch"

Maybe I'm just a sore loser well I'm absurd

While they're shedding tears of joy in Popoy & Basha's turf

Is this what the coin really means?

Oh, shit please I will not believe on these silly things

At this moment, I can't think of what it really means

But what drilled me is, this storm that I'm experiencing

Inside the building, staffs & guests are all well-dressed

Suits & ties, gowns & dresses; Man, it's like a meeting in the palace

I can't sync on the place 'cause I'm out of the place

Guess I'll sink to its phase & no words I will raise

This may be heaven for the riches but for now I'll call it hell

Maybe someday just maybe I'll hear 'em say, "Welcome to Sofitel"

Going back, Yo! It's hot but it's good & so nice

I don't give a damn 'cause I'm telling no lies

Chocolate de Batirol goes so great in late night rock n' rolls

'Cause it soothes my heart in to uproar up until the core

Plus, it compliments the cold breeze of midnight

'Cause it warms a soul & compels all shit vibes

Then after all it's this fall I just wish to have a clone

'Cause you know trip is over & it's time for me to go

As I walk in to the car, have my seat & watch afar

It all flashes in me next is this sudden emptiness

Well, I'm wasted, devastated I'm a mess

'Cause the day has ended & I couldn't catch a star

As we go along the track wishing I could stop the time

While this nap has been calling me in snap it's a rest for me

I wanted to go back so badly please reenter in my mind

My! Nuisance has been killing me but is this the best for me?

Then I set all Q's aside well at least I'll get to sleep the night

Not until my kryptonite seize & creep in to my sight

'Cause these lights bothered me & made me open up my eyes

But it didn't hook instead I've been dazzled by the city lights

And it looks like the sky flip over 'cause the stars are on the land

As we go back on the line, deeper in the city

I can feel the joyful ambiance & no awful substance is within me

Man, I can't believe that the stars are on my hand

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