The future yet to be witnessed
The future yet to be witnessed   stories

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The future yet to be witnessed

It was a hazy yet enthusiastic day. I woke up to find 'Rebecca' holding my robe in her silver, robotic arm. She greeted me with a hardwired "good morning sir." I replied, "good morning rebecca".

I took the robe from her hand and rocketed straight towards the bathroom as i took a look at the wall clock.

My newly installed automatic bathing system cleansed me up in no time. After changing up, i went to the hall to discover Rebecca holding my office bag and the key to my car.

Sometimes i wonder to myself that, how my life would have been without Rebecca. Creepy, right?

I fired up the hover car and went straight to my office. It was a busy day. Maybe because of the 'International Robotics Fest'.

After all the hassle i reached the office where my colleague greeted me.

As my hand touched his hand for a handshake, i heard a weird sound, "john, wake up john!" Was it the announcement system that have gone mad or the birds that have learned to talk.

I slowly opened my eyes into the reality. It looked like i was sleeping and daydreaming in the class. Yes, It was maths.

I got scolded by my teacher and my parents got called up the school which was the last thing you'd expect just before the summer break.

Since that incident i always wondered-

Was it just a dream, was it my future near to come or 'The Future Yet To Be Witnessed'

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