Labyrinth: Kingmaker
Labyrinth: Kingmaker death stories

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Promiscuous proclivity an unnatural thirst
Salivating at the prospect of a warriors blood

Labyrinth: Kingmaker

Promiscuous proclivity an unnatural thirst. Salivating at the prospect of a warriors blood. Dancing with the enemy, such treacherous steps.

One single slip, your sure and pending death. So tread like a feather on these unsolid grounds. Move like the waters in all silent sounds.

That you may not be discovered That you may not be unveiled That you may escape their company In every bit unscathed

But if you were to slip and maybe even fall If you were to be found, a traitor in their halls Remember that I told you your life is in your death For a man is only known for what thing he left the earth

So be not discouraged and be not afraid You die for your people, there is no greater fate So do not relent on the information you bring For though you may die, your life will make kings

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