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She walked me down to the edge of the earth hand in hers, she led me to a place


She walked me down to the edge of the earth Hand in hers, she led me to a place where the waves kissed the earth

Fear starts to grip my heart as the waves brushed my feet. The sand beneath them shifted like tectonic plates in discord Deeper and deeper she pulled me, from ankle to knee, the rivers ran deep.

I can’t forget the whimsicality with which she moved. The breeze intertwining with her hair as they danced before me. Ever so often she glanced back at me, with a smile so sweet, I was sure it was poison.

The sands change to rocks, my body starts to rock. The waters hit my waist. The fear, I can start to taste it. Yet she pulls me deeper. The Skies haven’t always been this dark, have they?

The Skies haven’t always been this dark, have they? The clouds weren’t always this violent, I don’t think. The winds are getting so aggressive, why are all things so angry at this time? I wonder what the wind said to the cloud that made her so violent in pain

It’s evident she is going to cry, and I’ll be at the center of it. Watching as they scream one to another with thunderous sounds. With flashes of hatred that light can only describe

Now she stops and turns around, water to our chests. She takes my other hand and looks me in the eye. “Do you trust me?” she said. In that moment it all went away, the winds stood still, the clouds shut up, the waters slowly evaporated And she was all that I saw.

A beauty unmatched, so pure and so clean. A touch so soothing it could tame the storms And in that moment, we were all that existed And I uttered the words from beneath my fear, stuttering like the waves that had engulfed us all this while “I do”

Then it all came rushing back in an instant. Like a deaf ear unstopped and the blind receiving sight for the first time The overwhelming realization that we had never left We were still surrounded by the deep and vast By the violence and pain that made the clouds tear up By the disheartening cries of pain so thunderous to the ears

By the revelations of truth that lit up the skies and unraveled our fears. we were still here

She withdrew her hands from mine as she said to me “Do not be afraid, let me save you” Then she laid her hand on my head and dipped me into the water I was immersed In all of my fears, in all of my pain, in all of my heartaches and shame

So I started to shake, I wanted a break.I needed to breathe. I couldn’t take it. And still, I heard her voice as it bounced off the waters and the waves saying: “be still and let me save you”. But still, I tried to fight. She wouldn’t let go, she wouldn’t pull me up. I was running out of time and breath. I started to wain The resistance was futile.

So I gave in to the pain. To the lack of power and authority. To the absence of any release. I let myself drown in my fears, I gave in to total submission. Maybe death would be my redemption. Then she let go, and I started to fall.

I was within but without myself Sinking deeper and deeper with no end to the depth of the darkness. And I who was without, fell within myself into an awakening.

Into the midst of a light, so bright, so warm and so pure. like only one thing I had felt before. Her love. She had saved me from myself. She drowned my demons in the ocean of my despair. And by her love, she pulled me out of darkness and immersed me in her care.

A soft fragrance paraded the air. The clouds and winds had made peace. All was bright and all was clear And again, she was there. laying beside me, gazing at me fervently with care. Somehow I knew she would always be there.

I gazed into her eyes, ran my hands through her hair. She smiled at me. And in that moment right there I would give my life to ensure that smile never disappears.

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